2 wheeled addict set on building a motored bike

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    Whats up guys?! So I have decided that I do not have enough money consuming projects going on at once so I needed to add another. I am a professional welder/fabricator currently working at TEO Pro Car as the lead frame builder. I love everything that goes fast, especially things with 2 wheels. Every year here in north NJ there is a HUGE motorcycle festival, lucky for me I live 5 mins down the road from the venue. Anyways... I want to build something unique to bring there to tool around on. I have a Schwinn OCC chopper bike that I am going to turn into a mini bobber motorcycle. I have order a bunch of stuff that should be arriving this week. I ordered a 6.5hp 212cc honda clone, a CVT setup, the rear sprocket/rag joint, and a twist throttle.

    I am supper excited to build this thing, I have wanted to motorize it for a few years now!

    Here's my real motorcycle, stuff I build for a living, and some of my metal art:


    I can promise my build will not disappoint, I will start a build thread as soon as I get rolling on it! :devilish:

    Take it easy for now boys.

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    It will be fun to see what you come up with. That scorpion would make an interesting 3 wheel design. Welcome aboard.

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    Gadzooks! A robot scorpion! :tt1:

    You're a mad scientist, right?
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    u know something sick is coming from the guy..just buy looking at his pic cant wait to see what yea come up with ...and welcome as always
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    Mad scientist.................your half right!
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    Mad scientist is very accurate!

    Power plant arrived yesterday!
  7. timfields45

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