20" BMX 85cc 3hp

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    Hello all, My son (22 yr. old) and I just built a bike from parts we had on hand. I added new seats and folding baskets. After we got it running, I bought new torque converter parts and new sprockets. The rear wheel also needed replaced because of previous bearing damage. Now it's MY bike, but we still share. He has it now, and he lives very close by. It cruises at 30mph, and gets 80mpg. It climbs hills easily and is very off-road capable. My wife and I like to ride two-up and have put over 60 miles on it together. The bottom bracket is the jackshaft and the rear freewheel still works. We have about 200 miles on the bike. NO, it's not legal in Indiana where we live, but we know the local constable well and everyone seems to be okay with it so far. I am an experienced motorcycle rider and use hand signals. I would like to convert the rear brake to foot control to leave my left hand free and rubber mount the engine. Also if I could find a decently priced dynamo and regulator, I would add electrics. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/QEn93Vuz78MfYHr8xb_Yxw?feat=directlink
    Steve Gibson, Frankton, Indiana

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Steve..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome from Oz..Yeh weve all got a son with a bike that we steal sometimes...Great looking bike..Good forum here for sharing ideas and mods..Good luck.