20" Full-Suspension + 50cc engine kit... will it work?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by blankbox7, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Recently I pulled out my old 20" mountain bike that I got when I was 7, and thought to myself "I wonder if this could fit a rack mounted engine?"

    It is a "Blaze" 20 in. full suspension mountain bike made by Pacific (second picture), and I was thinking of getting a 50cc engine kit (ex. in first picture, I think that bike is a 20")

    Im not sure if it will fit, in the first picture the engine exhaust is pretty close to the seat, and Im not sure how far you can adjust the engine position. I know a smaller engine like a robin subaru would probably fit, but that is a bit expensive for what I can afford right now. Any thoughts or questions, please let me know!

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  2. professor

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    Recently I snagged a 20 inch bike at a curb sale (day before garbage day and before the Scrappies came around),
    It has front sus. I legnthened the bike 5 inches to make the handling better and less "Twitchey". Worked great. Doing a home made rack mount on it. Legnthened the frame behind the pedal crank. This co-incidencly gave more room for the engine set-up.
    You might think about doing that.
  3. blankbox7

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    That sounds like a great idea, did you lengthen the rear triangle or the top and down tube? 5 more inches of clearence sounds just what I might need, although my frame is aluminum...
  4. professor

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    The longer section is right behind the crank area and the two tubes coming down from the seat. If your rear triangle is steel, you could make it longer. I would not experiment with alum. Take a magnet to the triangle. I bet it is steel like my Mongoose.

    BUT if you do a rack mount to any full suspension bike, there is less structure mass to tie the rack onto.
    For that reason, a hard tail bike with a suspension seat post and decent seat works well and is solid.
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    Just one question. Are your private parts still intact with the seat tilted like that?
  6. blankbox7

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    lol, I just put that seat on for the pic, I have a cruiser style seat that I'm fitting to it.

    Anyway, I recently found a friction drive kit that really appealed to me since it was a 2-stroke engine, and have installed it on this bike. It fits, I just have to figure out how to free up the spindle because it is really tight and wont spin, here is a few pics:

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