20 inch schwin tornado build

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    Hello hello

    For many yrs I been searching for a small bicycle that i can motorize with out cutting or hacking up the frame
    BAM one day it got thrown in the trash at my old job of course mine has been painted over 10 times and left to decay but it a frame so i grabed it hoping the motor would fit.
    Got home and there it is fits like a dream. 66cc 2 stroke all stock with 36tooth on rear tire 37 mph i added a triple tree type bomber fork and pocketbike style handlebars 1459172799936-1486642494.jpg 14591728394571610625846.jpg 1459172860032-682137032.jpg And then i snaped the rear axle in half trying to losen a bolt.....
    But anyways paint guys i need some input i was thinking of painting it like the first photo
    With the tornado design and stuff on the gas tank but matte black instead of glossy shiney crap im even goin to paint the engine any ideas at all?
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    Can't go wrong with black