20" push scooter plus friction drive

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  1. I had this idea after seeing this scooter,

    it has 20" wheels and with a little modification think It could be twice
    the fun as any go ped and more stable put in a 2 stroke cy 4hp motor and
    40mph I think easily I rode a go ped before and although i did alright on it,
    It did feel a little unstable and took some getting use to.
    BTW I live in the same city in taiwan producing the cy engines
    the 420 makes 4hp and 460 makes 4.3hp both use the 76-78mm clutch
    This is the ultimate mode/ engine in my opinion for friction drive
    35-40mph Anyway If anyones interested in a group buy pm me
    Maybe i could go to the factory and ask for a discount if I had
    10 people or more ready to buy. right now the cheapest ive seen them online is 250$ I think I can get them much cheaper aslong as shipping isnt to much from Taiwan to USA

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    looks to me a good way to have a really huge hospital bill honestly