$20 shock project?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by familyguy, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. familyguy

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    plan on maybe buying this dirt cheap shock fork off amazon for $20 brand new. i have a cranbrook frame so im pretty sure the shocks shaft size is too big, but i planned on milling it down and threading it like a guy on here did...a little work but not much money invested. i know the ol saying "you get what you pay for" but...its not a downhill bike, the worst it will see is maybe a pohole or two...what do you guys think? do u think it will fit a 2" wheel?

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  2. wheelbender6

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    It would be a lot easier to buy a fork with a 1 inch steerer like your cranbrook. it is difficult to find a threading die for the forks.
    You might do just as well buying a cheap mtn bike at a yard sale and using the fork from it. Take the crown nut from your fork with you to be sure it fits.
    I like the early Marzocchi threaded forks because the steerer is replaceable. They are cheap on ebay and craigslist.
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    the 1" shock forks are hard to find, and expensive! and alot of the cheap shock shafts nowadays are pressed in, or welded, doesnt take much to mill it down, or press a 1" shaft in...with a little fabbing... it just seems like the easiest way ( since i have access to a lathe and a plethera of tap and dies)...so does anyone know if a 2" tire and wheel will fit between the fork?
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    Before I went messing with the forks themselves, I'd find a bike that those forks would fit. Cut the steering collar off both bikes and weld, (or have a shop do it) the new collar to your bike. Just a thought.....
    What is the link on Amazon?
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  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Threaded Steerer 142mm long.

    It's too short for even a Schwinn Jaguar frame were the head
    length is only 4 3/4"

    needs to be about 5/16" to 3/8" longer.
  7. familyguy

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    how long do i need to look for, for a huffy cranbrook fork? 150mm ish? pardon the newbie comment but can the fork be too long to use? im looking at a vintage Marzocchi now, right steer tube diameter but length is what im worried about.
  8. wheelbender6

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    There was a seller on EBay offering short and long 1 inch threaded steerers for the old Marzocchis. The short one works on a 4 inch head tube and the longer on 6 inch head tubes.
    It is not a problem if the head tube is too long. You can saw it off to fit. It is a problem if the threads do not extend far enough down the steerer.
    Early threaded Marzocchis were usually air forks and they no longer hold pressure. You can replace the air cartridge with a spring or replace the forl leg altogether.
  9. familyguy

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    i decided to go with als idea and weld the bigger steerer tube on, i picked up a rock shox fork for $30 with the frame. i cut off the steer tube, now i just need to cut off the huffy 1" steerer & braze or weld on the 1 1/8" tube! maybe add some rake to it when i put it back on. the chinese axles were a little big for rock shox dropouts so i had to drill them out a tad, but i love the look and it even matches the silver on the bike!
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  10. 72square

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    the front fork is put through a lot of stress. I would have a professional welder weld the fork, unless you are a pro.