200 watt motor

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  1. BAZZA614

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    does anyone have a video of a 200 watt engine? just curious to see how they go.

  2. Fabian

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    A 200 watt engine is completely and utterly useless. It's not even worth considering as a usable option and is a totally worthless investment when it comes to an alternative form of transport.

    As much as i don't like to say it, (and it doesn't matter which way you look at things), you have to break the law when it comes to a meaningful level of motorised power assistance, because the notion of having useful power assistance when traveling up steep hills is completely incompatible with 200 watts of supplementary power; even 1000 watts barely gets the job done.
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  3. wheelbender6

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    A 200w motor will not propel you at a good clip without pedaling. I have a 24v motor on my bike that will accelerate me to about 12mph, and then my legs take over. It is easier on my knees than an unassisted bike.
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  4. HeadSmess

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    note...PROPEL at a GOOD clip.

    want to go fast? go over the limit.

    fine with slugging up a hill at 5km/h but not having to pedal? 200watts will do it.


    taking a HP as 750 watts, 1/5 hp is 150 watts...

    they say 15mph... or about 24km/h...