200 watt restrictor system

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    i was wondering if anyone had see these restrictor systems zbox has. i was thinking of getting one for my motorised bike but the only thing is my motor isn't a zbox i bought my motor of ebay, would that be a major problem and does anyone have instructions on how to install these things so i know if it would be to hard to install for myself? Here is the link. the system is at the bottom of the page the reason of wanting one of these is to make my bike legal in NSW australia
    http://www.zbox.com.au/200watt bicycle engine.htm
    Thanks in advance -Bazz
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  2. Fabian

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    I hope you realise that a 200 watt engine is less than useless.

    I also hope that you realise that it's up to the discretion of the police officer to issue an infringement notice (even if your bike complies with the law), then if contesting the fine in court, it will be money coming out of your wallet to fight it through the legal system, of which the police force can simply appeal the decision as many times as they want till you run out of money trying to fight the case in court.

    A friend of mine is a Highway Patrol Officer and those guys can make your life very difficult if they don't get their way.
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    Has anyone actually got one of these 200w motors or the restriction kit? what does it include? what is the difference between a 200w motor and our normal motors? can anyone post pics of their 200w kit?

    i want to make my kits look as close to a 200w one as i can to help talk my way out of any encounters with mr law (i realise they can do me regardless but i want to give myself the best chance i can)
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    :iagree: couldn't have put it more succinctly myself. Having said that, 200 watts is barely going to move the bike on level ground, let alone powering it up the the most imperceptible incline.
    Every time i ride my bike i know that at some point a police officer is going to do me good and proper and in Victoria (Australia), i'll be up for a minimum of $2,000 worth of fines when it happens; and it "will" happen - just a matter of time, but i enjoy riding my motorized bicycle more than what the fines are worth.

    For that reason i need my engine to look as stealthy as possible (from the rear of the bike), which eliminates the option of fitting an expansion chamber.
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    1hp=750 watt stock 66cc chinadoll is about 2hp or 1500 watts
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    I haven't seen one, but the kit likely includes flat restrictors that bolt on between the cylinder head and the manifolds (intake and exhaust). NASCAR uses a restrictor on the intake only (similar to an intake gasket that has a smaller opening than the engine port. I'm guessing the exhaust is also restricted on the Zbox to help maintain some torque production. Exhaust restriction can increase torque while reducing horsepower.
    If you already have a gas engine, I would give the zbox restrictor a shot if suitable documentation is shipped with the kit to convince law enforcement of the engine performance (or lack thereof).
    Otherwise, as much as I would like to know how well the Zbox 200W kit performs, I think you are probably better off with an electric kit in OZ.
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    You know for something that MIGHT get you out of trouble with the police depending on who you get, Alot of people dont have them
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    dont worry about it?

    while my first engines where zbox, since finding identical motors for half the price, i havent been back.

    sounds like a plain old baffle on both sides, and for $90, you could make the same thing with an old cordial bottle on the intake and a piece of steel with a hole drilled for the exhaust.

    total cost, nothing...

    and then...unless you act like a doodlebrain...cops just laugh.

    got a helmet on? stopping at red lights? pushing it, unpowered through shopping centres? they couldnt care less.

    doing 70 in a school zone, no helmet, facing on coming traffic, tellin the lil kiddies on iphones to open their eyes, all whilst being a known criminal element...just catch a bus.

    i live rural. so one, its sort of a necessity when the license is taken, a hobby otherwise.

    if you live in a built up area...start actually pedalling, or show some respect and go electric.

    electric has the benefit of producing maximum TORQUE at low rpm. unlike petrol engines that need to run at a certain rpm for a certain torque output.

    whats the difference?

    they measure the OUTPUT power. power is torque per revolution per minute.

    you can dump, say, 48 volts at 100 amp through a motor, while its shaft isnt turning...

    thats 4800 watts on the INPUT. now that would make for a nasty electric bike!

    but as the shaft isnt TURNING, the output power...is zero! at a complete standstill, anyways.

    meanwhile...the torque is there, just trying to twist things into pretzels or move you...

    once rotating, then the power input needs some moderating. you can still have gobs of torque at low rpm, and keep within output power.

    at high rpm, torque has to obviously be reduced to keep within power restrictions by drastically reducing the current available to the motor.

    problem is finding an electric motor and battery capable. and engineering a speed control with the appropriate circuitry. things like cars and planes in rc want smooth throttle control with max power at all rpm...

    i notice the new version of one of my esc i tried finding the manual for, has a programmable governor. its only good for 300watt max.

    its VERY EASY to intergrate a hall effect twist throttle via two 555's into an RC esc throttle. just pwm :)

    um... oh!


    just find a 250 amp ESC with governor function.

    look at the SPECS!

    7992 WATTS!!!!!

    thats ten freakin horsies! and a very very small pony.
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    This is exactly my thinking, i know how useless an actual 200w would be (my cordless screwdriver has more for gods sake) but im willing to bet 90% of police officers have never seen an actual 200w kit so if i can fudge some documentation then im up with a chance of getting away with it

    i always ride with a helmet on, and on dedicated bike lanes or bike paths as much as possible, i have lights on at night, and im always pedaling (my legs arent doing much most of the time though lol) but even so ive been pulled over once and the cop tried his best to do me, after arguing my case as politely as possible (with no real 'proof') for over half an hour i got away with it but i might not be so lucky next time
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    Yeah exactly that's what I'm thinking myself bobo. Cause when you do get these kits they come with a note of compliance sayin that they are legal. Now with saying that, if some copper is trying to fine as many people as they can to get more revenue, they aren't going to care what piece of paper says, they are going to give you a fine. But it can go the other way as soon as they see that paper they just say ok bye hop in their car and drive away so it mainly depends on who you get.
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    So does anyone even own one at all?
  12. HeadSmess

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  13. Fabian

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    :iagree: and they have been for some time, especially when the minimum amount of infringement notices is in excess of $2,000 for riding a motorised bicycle in Victoria.

    A friend of mine (Victorian Highway Patrol Officer) has just sent me an email; reproduced below:

    I have recently done a road safety engineering/audit course with vicroads, and am in the middle of the 'new' highway patrol course.

    You won't be happy to hear that they want to change the default built-up area speed limit to 40 (some are even pushing for 30) and abolishing the 110 limit on federal interstate freeways.

    Also lowering the .05 limit to .00 for ALL drivers is on the horizon as well.

    It's completely moronic to reduce the speed limit outside of main roads to 30 k/ph (18 mph), even the greatest fool knows that, but you can guarantee this new emphasis on the 30 k/ph speed limit is due to the big push by local councils (having the law changed) to introduce a plethora of fixed speed cameras/photo cameras in residential areas, of which local councils will be able to pocket the money directly.
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    Or go the other way, join an outlaw bikie gang, keep your motor, and start wearing colours so the police are scared of you when you ride passed :p

    Also to Fabian, with any luck the recently elected http://www.australianmotoringenthusiastparty.org.au/ (got a seat in the recent federal election and looking to get state seats in the next state election too) will have somthing to say about these rediculess new draconian laws they keep thinking up (and hope they can actaully do something about it)
  15. HeadSmess

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    my take on bikie gangs?

    a motorcycle is a solitary creation, maybe two people, but basically, a machine for sole personal pleasure.

    if you want to hang out in a gang, just hire a minibus...

    and take the muffler off maybe :)
  16. BAZZA614

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    So does that mean there is finally someone fighting for our right to have a motor bobo?
  17. Fabian

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    looks like i will have to become a member of the "Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party", then fight to have a larger capacity limit and higher power limit made available for motorised bicycles.
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    I vote Fabian and bobo as the new leader for the motoring party
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    Their website explains policies and whatnot, lots of great stuff on there

    The only problem is they are concentrating on "motorists" and we are trying to convince the police our bikes are not motor vehicles but merely motor assisted bicycles lol!
  20. HeadSmess

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    big issues as i see it.

    most people that become "motorised bicycle enthusiasts" are forced to do so due to loss of car license.
    the rest seem to be teenage boys.

    my apologies to those of us that just like sticking engines on bikes for self satisfaction or money :)

    but. i tend to agree with the idea of a license or rego, and at the same time i disagree.

    i feel that the lycra clad W4nkers that ride down narrow winding main roads with bad visibility during peak hour should be shot. same goes for taking up two of three lanes at the same time...peak hour.

    if you want to ride your $10K bike and flex your gluteus maximus in our faces, go ride on a nice quiet road where there arent people with jobs going to work.

    give them the licenses. the people that ride through red lights in the inner city, and lean on your car bonnet...

    even saw some idiot the other day, instead of just stopping and waiting a minute, had to cross two lanes from the median strip to kerb, right in front of a freaking tanker! judging by the way the brakes squealed, he was empty...thankfully. i wont comment on the cyclists age or race.

    but what about the family with four kids? amazing they even got the brats away from the TV or puter or whatever... give em a medal :)

    so. any "motorists rights" groups is going to instantly frown on motorised bikes as being a symbol of what happens when you misbehave.

    pedalling is for excercise, a warranted cause.

    motors are for lazy people :)

    they want their V8's and cheap fuel. and speed limits returned to what they were with the roads repaired properly instead of leaving the roads as they are and lowering the speed limits...

    but maybe the idea of a license would make people think about the rules a lil more. doesnt have to cost much, doesnt have to be terribly hard to get. just has to be mandatory. like helmets have become. you can buy a helmet at kmart... :jester:

    consider it as an insurance policy. without it, youre liable for any and ALL damages, regardless.

    and then some kind of rego on motorised bikes. relax on the strict mandates, bring it to say, 3hp max, but make sure they are of a road worthy nature. (no caliper brakes etc) if they arent inspected and insured, for a minimal annual fee, then once again...its your wallet that suffers if anything happens. you wont exactly get done for using it....just if you have an acco :)

    doesnt qld still allow 50cc with no license?

    same should go for normal bikes. thatll teach these kids to ride bmx with no brakes at all! (shudders)
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