200 Watt Stretch Rat

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  1. Heres my latest bike , built it over the weekend ,just finishing a few things ironing out a few bugs , The RockSolidEngines 200Watt two stroker is very low powered but it keeps me out of trouble on our Aussie roads , I have played with the motor a bit and its easy enough to get more power out of it .
    But its a nice motor, all the bolts/studs/nuts are replaced by RSEngines and it starts easy and the bike is fun to ride .

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  2. gothicguy64

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    how u finding the RSE 200 watt motor ?

    im running a RSE hp2 50 cc ceramic piston ,billet head ,billet inlet,billet clutch all on my chainless RSE ,,,,yes its a shaft driven bike ...
    but ive blown the rear rim an bent the shaft ..
    bloody redlight runners

    nsw :tt1:
  3. Its fine , its tweakable and its good quality gear so Im happy , and legal ...for now .
  4. gothicguy64

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    any chance of a pic of compliance plate so i can make my own fake copy using my own build number so i can keep mr plod off my back ????
  5. Yeah right .... that plate cost me $450.00 ,
  6. AussieSteve

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    Wild looking bike, Simon.
    Did you build those front forks?

    I've been thinking of buying one of Tony's 200W engines.
    What's different from a normal 48cc to reduce power?
    Having ridden it, do you think that it really only produces 200W?
    You say it's tweakable - is there anything to stop it being brought back up to full power, (or higher)?
    I'm thinking 66cc top-end.
  7. Hey Steve , the forks are just good quality bent springers ,some are better than others but these are definitely a better example , the 200Watter surprised me , actually I didnt know what to expect as I have never ridden anything so low in power ,but it helps you along , as far as modifying for power ,theres a restrictor in the carb and the compression is significantly lower , all easy to change and you have normal 49cc power levels . it really is a case of trying to have a legal bike tho , if the cops can see you pedaling all is as it should be in their eyes .
    I seem to be able to pedal just on top of the bikes bottom end power , the motor with the restrictor and low comp will not rev , and this is how the 200w level is acheived , cos as we all know a 2 smoker has to rev to make power ,all good clean legal fun .
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    Sounds like there's a lot of pedalling involved. I can't do too much of that. I know what I'll do if I buy one.
    Incidentally, is the plate on the magneto cover the only identification, or does it match to a serial number on the crankcase?

    I never need to pedal on my 200W electric. IC engines need to be rated differently, since their power will only hit 200W at a particular rpm. An electric develops good torque right through the rev range, making the 200W more usable. Maybe 500W for IC engines would be more appropriate.
  9. Well its very easy pedaling once your moving , I doubt its going to stay at 200w ,this bike that is , I reckon around 1000w is realistic , 1 Kilowatt , as long as Im not straining in the headwinds and hills Im happy with it , the build number on the plate is the same as the crankcase #
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    That's good to know - keeps people honest.
    Otherwise I was going to suggest that you use tamper-proof or similar screws to protect that $450 magneto cover. (Might still be a good idea, it wouldn't be too hard to hide or remove the old number from the crankcase and stamp another.)
    Those maggy covers are worth protecting.

    I agree, 1000W is probably more realistic. My 200W electric wasn't too far behind my 66cc HT, (at 1700W), before I tuned, modded and added the shift-kit to the 2-stroke.
    Out of the box, the HT did 33kph. The electric does 25kph or 30kph with a slight tail-wind. From about 10mph, the electric actually beat the 2-stroke for 10-20 yards, (metres), in acceleration.
    (Not any more, with RSE hi-comp head, good tuning and a shift-kit.)
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  11. The E bike sounds like a good goer , Im thinking this stretch could be a good candidate for Electricity , the 200watter I think will go on the new alloy Schwinn I am waiting for ,has a 3spd hub and Im going to use a shift kit with it , should make good use of the tweaked 200w .
    By the way the 200w has a decompression plate fitted with two head gaskets so I reckon just take the restrictor out of the carb and I should be around 1000w .
  12. AussieSteve

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    With a shift-kit, you'll have no problems with 1000W. You can keep it in the power-band and use most of the maximum power.
    A stock 48cc produces 1.2kW, (according to ZBox specs). Tony's might produce a little more.
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    ok ok i dont have so much as a cats scratch on the motor .
    no numbers the be found anywhere .
    an i admit i had only used a friends bike b4 i got my rse bike
    my 48(50) hp1..2

    having billett an ceramic piston prob pushes past 35 % standard 1.27kilowatt
    then theres the long street pipe which makes wheel lift adds another 20%
    so i say im gettin close to 1800 watts
    top with a 44 tooth an nexus intrnal shaft driven real wheel was 65 kph
    next bike gets a 36 tooth b4 i add a jackshaft ..

    i only asked to see a pic
    blank ur build number
    mine was 00037
    i wanted to make a fake plate
    no harm
    brad :grin5:
  14. Best way is you get a 200w RSE motor for yourself , then no one looses , and you can use all your nice parts as you choose .
    It would be great to be able to keep up with 60k traffic , up here Id be a sittting duck for the HWY Patrol , already had one incident , I basicly pleaded ignorance ,I wasnt very far from home and Id met the officer in the past and he just gave me a warning , otherwise it could have been a lot more expensive than the legal motor.
    I am contemplating detuning the HS 4stroke on my other bike or getting another 200watter for it. cant lower the comp as easily on the HS ,then I have to prove its output
  15. Bobbyoutback

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    Hi Mate ,
    I'd like to see the cops reaction when told its a legal motorized bike !
    Maybe you need to carry the dyno printout for extra proof :mellow:

    let us know what happens when they pull you up & they will .

    Have Fun
  16. You may remember I mentioned the 200w has a decompression plate fitted between two head gaskets ...in the interest of legality , and trying to set the bike up to be rideable , I have replaced the plate, But......I am at this stage leaving the carb restrictor out .
    The motor runs pretty good , no screaming vibrating top end , and the mid range has lost some punch , but it seems a lot happier down low and almost idles along with the clutch fully out .and it pulls away cleanly with no chugging , so far things are going well with the 200watt motorbike .
  17. AussieSteve

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    Sounds pretty good, Simon.
    A question - what exactly is the carb restricter? Does it stop the slide travelling all the way up, or does it partly block the bore, to restrict flow?
  18. its a plate in the end of the carb bore with a square hole cut in the bottom of its circumference and a small hole above that ,the motor will not rev with it in place .
  19. AussieSteve

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    Thanks, Simon, just curious.
  20. Bobbyoutback

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    Hello Simon,
    Please correct me if I got the above incorrect ' but by doing that doesn't it make your bike now illegal ? :thinking:
    If the cops confiscated it after you had a accident that a ( third party was injured ) and it was tested above the legal limit , you would be libel for a unregistered vehicle will all the ramifications for being in control of such .

    Now maybe I got it all Wrong ?? :
    Look forward to your clarification . :confused:

    Bob .