2000 blazer spark plugs

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by just for kicks, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Anyone ever change a set of plugs in a blazer?

    What a nightmare I'm down to the last one which is blocked by the steering stem.I had to jack the thing up so I could go in over the wheels thru the wheel wells to get to all the plugs.

    This last one I used the 5/8 spark plug socket and a 3/4 offset wrench to lossen it up and then a piece of rubber fuel line pressed onto the plug tip to allow me to spin it out.WHEW

    I just came in for a break and now have to go out and put the plug in and the new/last wire.

  2. WHEW glad thats done what a pain.

    So I get all the plugs in and wires replaced, fire it up and it ticks LOUD.
    I,m a bit ticked now since I want/need to drive it up north to my sister-in-laws funeral- :( .

    I get my mechanics stethoscope out and listen.....nothing apparent.....hmmm I get ticked off and reach for the laptop and the diagnostic scanner and read a code P0301 its a misfire DUH so I check the #1 wire at the plug again and sure enough it was set wrong.(stupid fat fingers- :grin:)

    I can barely get my fat hands down to the plug wires on this thing.
    I told the wife I'll never have to worry about changing the plugs on this again since it will most likely go to the crusher before it ever needs them again.

    Even so I still put never-seize on the plugs.

    After that I grabbed my used OCC and started planning the engine install.
    I have to stay busy it keeps my mind off the funeral.
  3. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i knew what the ticking was as soon as i read it, did i win anything? :D

    glad ya got thru that one...i quit working on autos professionally when they got so small my hands starting getting caught down in the engine compartment. remember when you could durn near crawl right up inside a dashboard? :lol: :lol:

    dunno what to say about your grief, i would help if i could :)
  4. You win the prize of satisfaction for knowing the answer long before I did- :grin: .

    Yeah I hate working on the new cars, just to crowded in there.I only work on our own cars and as little as possible.

    I thought I had some wires crossed but was glad when the diagnostics pointed me right to the loose/misplaced wire.

    Oh as far as grief goes the last 3 years or so has taken its toll on the wifes family (sister on thanksgiving just over 3 years ago, father last august, mother this april and another sister wednesday).
    We'll get thru it but it just all is happening to close together, my wife is having a hard time of it.
  5. It's amazing how there's not more women mechanics out there with their small hands.