2005 Whizzer NE5

After much internal debate, I am putting my Whizzer up for sale. It is Pearlized Black, has <1000 miles and is in really great condition, although it could use a new fuel filter. I currently have many of the accessories off of it to give it a more stripped-down "old-timey" look, although I put a new round mirror on it. I'd like to get at least $800 for it. Located in safe, beautiful, affluent Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Email me for contact info.
I don't believe so. I don't even know what that stands for. I am just The Dude, or His Dudeness, Duder, or Il Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing.
God bless the youth of today. I was about to show my father this bike, and I went into the house to get the keys and in the span of one minute a young urban type had stolen my Whizzer! He obviously didn't know how to operate it, so he slammed it into the dumpster behind my tenement. Broken lights, busted brake lever, who knows what else. I saw him running, but by the time I retrieved my Louisville Slugger and gave chase, he had vanished. I am indeed out of my element.
Man, sorry to hear that. Any idea of a reduced price and does the bike still function? And if so would you ship?