2006 Whizzer NE-5

Hal the Elder

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Oct 20, 2008

I can get a new, never sold 2006 NE-5 for $1150 from a dealer.

It's Blue, and has just a few miles.

To make it more reliable (if it's that important for a slow desert backroads cruiser like me), I could install mushroom lifters, if they can be fitted in place of the stock lifters.

What do you think?


Hi Hal, BUY IT! I am having 100 sets of special mushroom lifters made, and should be available very soon. The lifters will be American quality and will be within .0002" tolerance. The lifters will be made correctly, be lighter [6 grams less than stock], and hardened. I will be supplying the lifters to owners and dealers at a very good price. The lifters will be exactly the same as the ones I use in my personal performance motors [over 70 MPH on a dyno]. The lifters will be easy to install in the place of the original lifters and will help all motors from 1999 to present, but MUST be installed on all NE motors from 2005 to late 2007 to avoid motor failure. If you want a set contact me via PM, email, or phone for more information. quincy163@yahoo.com, 252-475-0406 cell. I also have a few clutch hubs with the hardened bearing race completed if needed.

Have fun,
Hal, I agree 100% with Quenton on this. The price is excellent, and the lifters Quenton is offering will not only help extend the life of the engine but improve erformance, to boot. I have a set of mushroom lifters that Quenton did his magic on in my 200 NE5, and the motor runs very strong. If it's equipped with the auto clutch instead of the manual (slip) clutch, it would be wise to get one of Quenton's hubs as well.
Wife Has Misgivings:


I told my wife about seeing the bike in the dealer's showroom last Monday, after driving 200 miles round-trip. (He's a Used Car dealer who picks up Whizzers on the side for resale.)

The bike was covered with dust and had a rat's nest of wires protruding from around the headlight area. The showroom and the used car lot were also very "seedy" looking, as was the dealer himself!

I left without discussing a deal, because the bike just didn't look right to me, but then I called him today and got a price on it, but my wife says not to take a chance, because that engine may never have been run for 2 years, and she feels that I would be buying a pig in a poke.

She advises me to wait on the NE-R, and just pay the extra money to get a new, warranted Whizzer motorbike!

That's where it stands now...

Thanks, guys...
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Let me tell you about Kilroy's NE5. We purchased it from a man in Arizona. It was shipped to Pennsylvania completely disassembled and he did not mark any of the wiring connections. When I put it together it had that wiring birds nest you are describing. To make a long story short it now is assembled and running strong with the new mushroom lifters and it was done with help of many people on this forum. Quenton is a gold mine of info and many others here have much to offers too. Kilroy's Whizzer had 124 miles on it when it arrived and now has many more than that. If the NE5 your looking at does not have many miles (less than 100) I personally think it is worth the money.


PS Not to mention but there will be no more of these made so the prices will go up on the remaining stock of unsold NE5s and running used bikes will start to demand a higher price. I love my upgraded 2000 WC-1 to NE5. Someone would have to have a very big pile cash to get it from me.
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Many are paying over $2000 for a NE5, because they are no longer in production. In my opinion the new NE-R doesn't retain the "vintage" motorbike look near as much as the NE-5. I don't have a clue how trouble free the new model will be, but past history tells us a new model ALWAYS has "teething" problems. As for the NE-R, I can't help but wonder how the motor is going to cool with most of the air blocked around the top of the motor. If you aren't going to buy the NE-5, would you share the contact information so that we might purchase it at such a low price?

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Low Price NE

I agree with Quenton, I HAVE paid more than that for USED NE's so I would have inventory to sell.



From what I've been told by you and Kilroy, maybe it would be a mistake to "jump on" a product that is being rushed to market with non-symmetrical features, such as the offset engine mounting to make room for the bulky CVT transmission. I don't like assymmetry in a mechanical design!

On the other hand, I'm having thoughts about that unsold 2006 NE5 and what kind of history it might have had. I'll have to call up the dealer again and try to pry more facts from him and ask if the engine has ever been started since he's had it!

I'm sort of in between a Rock and a Billet of Depleted Uranium! (hard place)

Anyway, I sure appreciate the way both of you and others have been "taking care of me" with your facts and your guidance!

I never thought that a 72-year-old who has owned 22 cars and 7 motorcycles would ever need any such guidance!

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A point to ponder

Hi Hal, unless that NE has been run out of oil (dry) you can't hardly hurt one! AND they come with a near-full crankcase on the pallet from distribution, SOOOOO, what's the chances of running with no oil?