2006 WHizzer with 35 miles on it!

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    Dear Fellow Members-Just spotted a red and a black low mileage whizzer for $1385 each with just 55 miles on them!First of all, are there any known teething issues with these models? Secondly, do they have an automatic clutch or a manual clutch with compression release? Thirdly, are there any other known problems with these bikes? FWIW, I installed a 49cc Grubbee on a cheap Walmart Cranebrook special and have had no prolems over the last 1500 or so miles:) Would like to upgrade to the Whizzer, if it is indeed an upgrade! Thanx for any feedback! Gearhead222

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    The new edition Whizzers have had their share of issues, including a really poor automatic clutch [most can be modified to work well].

    I would suggest you read many of the posts at the top of this section as it will highlight the issues and fixes.

    The main difference between the China 2 strokes and the Whizzer [made in Taiwan],is the Whizzer can be upgraded to work for a long time.

    There are several companies now making critical upgrade parts for the new Whizzers [Heads, auto clutches, cylinders, camshafts, lifters, copper head gaskets, etc]

    Have fun,
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    Dear Quentin-Thank you for the quick and detailed reply!;) I have over 1000 miles on a Grubbee 49cc mounted on a Walmart Cranebrook bicycle and have had few issues since replacing the intake tube and upgrading to a stronger chain. WIll definitely have to do more homework on the new Whizzers:)-Gearhead222
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    Dear Quenton-Had forgotten but remember reading up on the new Whizzers back in 2010, when I motorized my first bike. That being said, I could have auto clutch problems and soft lifters, besides problems associated with a bike that has sat for 8 years!:( Do the Whizzers use a small battery? If so, that could be shot. of course, the tires could be dry rotted also, being 8 years old with only 35 miles on them! Also rust in the gas tank and old gas in the carb:( Again, any SPECIFIC answers, and not blankets answers are greatly appreciated-Gearhead222
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    Hi Gearhead222,

    It is impossible to give exact information without knowing exactly which version of the motor is installed in the bikes.
    As an example there were at least 5 different heads used on the NE motors, 2 different ignition sytems, 5 versions of the 22 MM carburetor, one 26 MM version, steel head gaskets, copper head gaskets, 4 different intake spacers, 3 different camshaft settings, two types of lifters, 2 different camshaft grinds, 2 different muffler inserts, 3 different exhaust pipes, etc, etc, etc

    Here are a few hints to help determine the production runs:

    If it has an aluminum spacer [approx. 2" long]it most likely will also have the mushroom lifters.
    If it is a late motor it may have the tiny 16MM carburetor [most likely will have "block" head]
    If the flywheel has balance holes it is the better system and can have either the 6 or 8 pole stator.
    If the side cover has "Whizzer" embossed it is most likely the ball bearing version [not my choice for long life]
    Early heads have a very bright finish, but are rare.
    Late heads ["LakeTahoe"] are very problematic and perform poorly.
    Late heads ["heart pattern"] are decent but also rare and hard to identify from outside.
    Muffler inserts [when made correctly] on most late motors are good, however early versions steal a lot of power and shoud be replaced or removed entirely.

    Rear brakes vary, and some are very good and some are not.
    All coaster brake wheels should be replaced [I always use vintage hubs on my personal wheels]
    Band brakes make a lot of sounds, but don't do much to stop the bike.
    Expanding drum brake rear wheels are the best of the bunch.

    All manual clutch systems will make you "crazy" trying to make them work, and all the automatic clutches need to be upgraded or replaced [$125.00 to $229.00].

    Best information I can offer without knowing all the facts.

    Whizzers, old or new are in a world of their own. Once you ride a Whizzer you can better understand their sales motto, "Ride one and you will buy one".

    While it is true, ALL new edition motors need several upgrades, in the end it is worth the effort, sadly some versions need more upgrades than others. None will survive without some changes, but all the information needed is on this site. If you need additional information, just ask.

    Have fun,
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    Be very careful.... this 2006, sounds to be a bipolar model.

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    Dear Quenton-Thank you again for a detailed answer. This is too much effort for me. I can handle a couple of maybe problems, but a bike that can have that many problems is not worth $1300! Maybe $800.00. This guy's Whizzers have been on Craigslist for about three weeks and will probably be on there longer!-Gearhead222
  8. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Gearhead222,

    I must agree with your price point. I too think the price was slightly high.

    If you can buy one at a good price then do the upgrades it will be worth the effort and you would have something special.

    Have fun,
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    Offer the guy $800.00, you'll have a bike with 35 miles.

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    Thanx Mason man-We will see. Sending a PM to Quenton!
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    Dear Quenton-PM sent!:)-Gearhead222
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    Unfortunately, the guy will not budge from $1350 each, even though Kelly BB lists them at under $1,000 in excellent condition. He's going to have them for a long time!;)-Gearhead222
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    Kelly BB???
    Us Whizzers??

    Ray :)
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    I just looked, and yep! The Whizzer is listed on the Kelley BB website! That is so cool!

    They have the years listed as 1993 through 2009, however,
    '93 through '96 appear to be listings for 49cc dirt bikes and mopeds (?)
    Not sure what that's about.

    Check it our here...http://www.kbb.com/motorcycles/whizzer/?r=593952293032447000
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    The New Generation Whizzer is EPA, DOT approved. 93-96 were not, none the less still holes a value.

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    I'm actually kind of surprised the '93 "Whizzer" is on the list at all. Not many people even know that anomaly existed.

    Very little info about them exists on the web
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    What a great looking bike! Classy look with the maroon and gold; and with a winning bid of $840.00, I think someone got away with a very nice deal.

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    I agree about the great price, but unless you live close, the $400.00 plus shipping kinda negates any Internet savings-Gearhead222