2007 build Kustom Kruiser GT Dyno Roadster

33.5 cc Subaru 4 stroke friction drive.Easy, fast build for the exception that I had to make my own engine mounting bracket.After chroming it, came out beautiful! 30 + MPH!!!! Will sell for $ 995.00 . MAKE OFFER !!! MUST SELL!!! 954-985-4239 OR 305-778-9539 ps-engine is still in warranty!!!


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Sweet. That's a beautiful friction drive bike. So simple.
So pretty.
Where you at?
Hey Large Filipino,When I'm not in my garage I'm in Hollywood Florida! Do you know of any riders in this area?
i had a chance to ride a bike like that what a nice feeling the front end is. my gt doesn't get that much action ,,but i think you have to be a real man to do 30 on that.. i was feeling a lot of flop in the front end