2007 vs. 2008 NE5 - I tried one out today


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1:24 PM
Apr 4, 2008
Wichita, KS
I saw two 2008 Whizzers today at a dealer - one black one red. I noticed a few different things - there is this extra piece between the motor and the carb - what does this extended piece do?

And the fuel lines between tank/filter/carb had a spring wound sleeve - is this new for 2008?

And I took the unmodified 2008 NE5 out for a spin - and it outperformed my new 2007 Whizzer - it hit 40 MPH (restrictor plate never modified - brand new) and it took off great from a standing stop.

On the other hand, mine is like a lame dog from 0-20 MPH and it takes forver to get to 20....it was depressing.
Hi matthew you need to talk to Quenton as he is Whizzers R&D test man .Bill Hi again If you havent advanced your cam one tooth counter clockwise this may be the difference.the new motor 2008 I just got already had the cam advanced.hope this helps.... Bill
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It was an 08 24"er.

On another note, I am posting a question or two with photos in the 26mm carb thread I started. I put the 26mm on tonight and I need help :(
Moon, Mine is an 07 and my wife's is an 08.

I noticed the same things. If I had modified mine, which I wouldn't do, hers would stay right with it.

It also had the same assembly problems as mine...Fenders rubbing, wires unhooked, loose screws, etc.
Hi Moon, The "piece" is an extended aluminum manifold and keeps the carburetor cooler. The manifold is actually too long for performance [works better cut in half]. A 24" Whizzer is much faster than most 26" versions. The ratio is lower and will take off quicker, and usually reach a higher top end. The springs on the fuel lines are to keep them away from the heat, and most [99%] have them.
If your bike is slow [lame dog]we need to talk [PM].
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