2008 calander



well the t shirts were a bit slow to catch on but they will get here sooner or later,,, i believe a mbc calender with a pic of a mb for each month would be a hit ,, the background of the pic would represent the month ,,sept leaves changing ,,,, nov. thanksgiving , ,,,Dec.Santa on a mb ,,,, and so on ,,

with 800 members in different parts of the world it should not be hard to get all 4 season in ,, the member that sent in the winning pic for that month would receive a free calender and sign by augi and tom ,, also below each pic of his bike would be the name of the member as we know him ,, i think member would be interested to try make the calender after all you can see by reading post how proud we are of our build ,,

the rest of the member would have to buy the calender for maybe 5 to 7 doillars would cover the cost ??? the pics on each page of the calender should be 10 by 12 ,, much better to go first class then to try cut corners .

.there are lots of co. out there that make calender and just need 12 pic so it could be lots of time ,,we just need 12 pics

if this does happen i would want at least 5 and maybe more for myself ,, these calenders would make great gifts to local friends that may be interested in mb ,

if you decide to do a poll members should be able to mark down how many they want ,, i think the poll on the t shirt you picked 1 size ,, you could only order 1 even if you wanted 2 ,,i am sure on the t shirts that was not a problem but on the calender i think members will buy more then one

so who does the judging on the pic ,,don"t matter as long as the judges don"t know who sent the pics in,,all goes by no. then no problem
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nice thoughts, yes!

like you, i am painfully aware of how long it really takes for the details to rock out.

but, "contests" of any kind are a thing of the past here at MBc...no need to dredge up the past.

from now on, the "banner bike" is purely "editor's choice"...count on me for social fairness and an eye to the diversity of MotoredBike drivetrains.

by end of next month, there will be a "random load" picture up top...there will be 20 different MB's at all times, rotating "5 old out-5 new in" monthly.

new members will have to show some patience while we catch up with the several hundred bikes at the front of the line. and to stay on-topic...calanders are the next logical step :cool: