2008 Dax "70cc" on bike for sale- $200

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by B.K. Hosken, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. B.K. Hosken

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    It's got 75 miles on it, just broken in and I've decided to keep the Staton friction drive motor I have on my other bike. The Dax is more fun, but just doesn't get used...I have it mounted on a 27" skinny tire bike with mountain bike type handlebar, nice light bike and it's been very reliable. I have a 36 tooth on the back now, just changed it from a 44 tooth, because I wanted to cruise at a lower RPM now that it's broken in. Anyway, the whole bike, motor, etc for $200.

  2. where are you located so we know if we can pick up or how much shipping would be? thanks!
  3. B.K. Hosken

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    Sorry, I'm near Cocoa Beach, FL
  4. keylan

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    Hey, would you be able to supply any pics? I would love to take a look at this kit. I am in orlando so it would not be out of the question for me to drive over and pick this up from you

  5. B.K. Hosken

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    Pics of the bike

    Here are some pics...

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    im intrested..... would u be able to meet me half way? im from the tampa bay area
  7. B.K. Hosken

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    did I mention it sold?