2008 electric bike,given to me:-) h

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    Bike was given to me by uncle. It has 3-12v batts over rear who,motor is in front hub its in good shape,but the batts are dead how do I check the motor to see if its worth buying the batts?I'd probably need a convertor,or take to a shop. Any suggestions?,,

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    You can't. I once almost bought an e-bike that had dead batteries.
    -I asked the same question on this forum and on endless-sphere.com, but nobody knew of a way
    to test an ebike with dead batteries.
    -If the ebike looks good, without much corrosion and visibly damaged wiring and connectors, it will probably run with little or no tinkering.
    -if the wiring insulation is melted in places, it will likely need repairs possibly parts before it will run.
    3 SLA bricks can cost as little as $120 or so if ordered from a vendor on the web.
    -Sorry to sound like Capt Obvious, but you may just need to use your intuition to decide.
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    yeah I know it was a stupid question but I had to ask. I'm thinkin maybe I can charge the batteries to see if they'll hold a surface charge and turn the motor over.
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    What's your opinion on running klotz hi octane gas versus a built out motor aka ported,hi comp head,exp pipe,carb. I've been talking with a youngster he thinks the hi octane would blow his motor up. We used to run airplane gas in our dirt bikes when I was a kid.(2strokes)