2008 Iron Ranch Whizzer Ride

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  1. pdx.aaron

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    I was at the 10th Annual Iron Ranch Vintage Bicycle Swap and Whizzer Ride today and made a video. Its on YouTube

    I walked right up to Bill Green and asked... Do you know a "Bill Green". :grin:
    Ive been reading these forums for a while but i don't own a motored bike yet so i haven't posted anything. I do know some user names though!
    I wish i could of hung out with you guys a bit but it was race time, and no one ever returned!

    It was a really nice ranch. "The Iron Ranch". The meet was nice too, but man they had some ancient machinery there. They got an old steam engine lumber-cutting-saw running/cutting while i was there.

    I hope to catch up to ya'll North West Whizzers people again soon.


  2. JE

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    Nice Meeting you today Aaron.Hope you can ride with us next year.
  3. jk-1

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    Thank You, pdx.aaron for giving my Harley Davidson Whizzer replica a cameo in your YouTube Video, I have been overwhelmed by the response that it has generated.
    Take Care - Jim