2008 Metro Rider Basic Moped

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    The website is metroriderusa.com

    Does anyone have any specific information or experience in regard to this moped? It appears to be new (dumping unsold inventory? - - websites not updated since 2007) to the market and is distributed by 1977 Mopeds in San Francisco. In researching this moped I've come up with Metrorider LLC. in Plainfield, New Jersey. There is some discussion of reversed engineering of Chinese products and a listing of models (125 T2, 250T4, University Series and the Zoomer), but no mention of the Metro Rider Basic. Further delving has led me to the Wuxi Werya Vehicle Co., Ltd. in China, which appears, also, to be affliated with Tomos USA. The blue Metro Rider Basic looks like a twin to the Wuxi Werya MiniX6 model.

    Since I am interested in the Metro Rider and also the Tomos line, I plan on going to SF and visting 1977 Mopeds on Jun 13. My initial interest was in a Whizzer, but from all that I've read on MotoredBikes.com, it seems like one needs to make many modifications and improvements in order to end up with a reliable and satisfactory product. Quite often a member would say that if a person doesn't enjoy tinkering with or building their own motored bike, then that person might just look into buying a moped. Good idea. I am 72, widowed and and live in senior housing in Rocklin right up against the the Sierra foothills and hundreds of meandering country roads.

    Thanks for any comments or suggestions you might have.

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    Hundreds of meandering country roads.. sigh- I'm jealous
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    we are glad that you are on site

    since you live in a senior housing
    please take your time -- look around for someTHING in a motor bike -- ((( very reliable )))
    does not sound like you have a garage with a lot of tools

    there are some very sweet motor bike engins around

    and the Tomos was always known to be a fine motor bike
    I guess they are still made in the same place ??

    happt riding --from-MM