2009 Schwinn CLASSIC SEVEN DELUXE + WC-1 Motor???

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    Hello to all,

    I now own a 1999 WC-1, sort of... I say "sort of" due to the fact their is more than a fair amount of rust (Chrome flaking off) on the bike, some damage to the front fender and electrical issues. I was looking at Schwinn and found the beautiful 2009 CLASSIC SEVEN DELUXE. Wow!!!! Now, I know that this is sacrilege, but what would it take to move the engine and components to the CLASSIC SEVEN DELUXE. I wouldn't get rid of the WC-1 just take my time to restore it correctly and ride the Schwinn in the meantime.... Any thoughts???

    Thanks in advance,


    p.s. I have given thought to going the 49cc -> 80cc route but want to use the WC-1 engine instead.

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    Kyle, the Schwinn Seven Deluxe is a great looking bike and would make a good looking Whizzer, but you'll likely have to make some modifications to the frame to take the Whizzer drivetrain. The Schwinn frames that were built specifically for Whizzers (back in the day) had what I've heard described as a "crimped" frame. The seat stays and chain stays (rear part of the frame in case you're unfamiliar with that terminology) were modified to allow room for the drive belt and sheave.
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    My Schwinn Deluxe 7

    Hello Stillgar,

    I purchased a Schwinn Deluxe 7 recently {Sept 08}
    A super nice rider, I was considering motorizing it
    until I got the nix from local law here in Penna.

    So I'm saving up for a Whizzer now.
    Here's a photo.


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