2009 Whizzer NE-5 ????

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by doublesaran, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. doublesaran

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    hello, So I think I have found the golden goose with whizzer NE-5. I live in CA, and as far as I can determine, it is classified as a moped, am I wrong? A few questions. I am 200 lbs, will the NE-5's 138 cc engine tackle hills? How do you engage the whizzers' engine?:ack2: do you start by peddling? Is the whizzer NE-5 2009 a good quality bike? How fast does it really go? thanks for all your help

  2. New Whizzer

    Hi Check close, and let me know is it NE5 or NE-r? that will be the true question.

  3. doublesaran

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    Reply to first anwser whizzer ne-5????

    hello, what is the difference between the NE-5 and NE-R, and please consider what I stated in my original post.

  4. HoughMade

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    Yes, you start by pedaling. There are other differences, but an NE-R has a CVT transmission and an NE-5 has a single ratio. Speed? Hills? I don't know. I have a home-built bike a Whizzer, not a Whizzer, but my 50 cc Honda carries my over 200 lbs. up moderate hills assuming I can get a run on them.
  5. ren

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    If it's an NE5 it's not a 2009, if it's a 2009 it's an NE-r.
  6. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Doublesaran,

    Approx speed is 30 MPH on the NE5 [many will reach 35 MPH on level ground with a heavy rider]. The NE-r is much heavier and uses a CVT drive system and will not keep up with the earlier NE5. All 2009 models are the NE-r. The NE5 was produced from late 2004 [2005 model] to 2007. Most NE5 models used an automatic clutch and had a much thinner engine profile. All NE-r have disc brakes.

    Have fun,