2011 Central PA Rally [Aug. 6th-7th, 2011]

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  1. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    Don't forget to mark your calendars!! The 2011 Central Pa. Rally will be Saturday August 6th & Sunday August 7th 2011.

  2. james65

    james65 Member

    Pa 2011 rally

    I put it on my list and made a memo to read my list!
  3. A_FITZ

    A_FITZ Member

    Woot woot!

  4. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    I'll be there!

    I'll be there, and hope to bring my Whizzer, EZ Bike and maybe the '78 Puch Moped.
  5. technomancer

    technomancer New Member

    Depending on whats going on with my bike by then i would love to show.
    id be coming from NJ.

    whats the land like you'd be riding on? ive been dying for some off-road.

    and im not opposed to packing all the bikes(i love mountain bike -motor too) and GF then checking out the town where it would take place some weekend.
  6. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    We'll be riding on paved country roads that are mostly flat with some hills that aren't too bad.
  7. skrew37

    skrew37 Member

    Where is the Rally? I'm located in the Pittsburgh area...
  8. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    Lebanon, Pa. We're east of you.
  9. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    more info

    It will be Saturday & Sunday August 6th & 7th. It's always the first weekend in August. Bonnie's making barbecue & other stuff for lunch on Saturday. Chili dogs & stuff for supper. Sunday morning we ride to a restaurant for breakfast. Remember there's always a big party Saturday night (remember my famous homemade wine). Free camping behind my house in the field. Bring bike parts to swap & trade. Last year we had 32 bikes & more than 70 people!
    Here's a link to last year's rally thread:

  10. flyinfisherman

    flyinfisherman New Member

    need a ride to the rally

    anybody in the philly area going to the rally im lookin for a ride for me n my bike...
  11. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    Taking orders for Rally T shirts

    I'm taking orders for T shirts celebrating the 3rd Annual Central Pa Rally. PM me with your size. We're also giving out trophies this year.
  12. james65

    james65 Member

    Tee shirts

    Do you have a paypal account?
  13. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    Here's the trophies. Bonnie picked them up this morning!

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  14. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    Rally shirt info

    The shirts are $15. They are blue. The front where a pocket would be (but there's no pocket) says "Central Pa Rally 2011". The back says "3rd Annual Central Pa Motorized Bicycle Rally Lebanon, Pa August 2011"
  15. Dice1

    Dice1 New Member

    Man this looks like a fun weekend. Is there another dedicated site or just the Forum. I hope to have the bike done by then. Whats the rules, what to bring, limit to how much fun there is?
  16. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    Just come & have fun.
  17. fool4awhizzer

    fool4awhizzer New Member

    Hi Jay, called you acouple weeks ago about my whizzer. Didn't find the time to bring it over, but will be over for the Rally (can't wait,is it time yet) HAHA. Bin working on it and took it for a ride this weekend,( YES, What a Blast)! One question though, is their any restrictions on camping? Have small motorhome can I bring it? Can't wait to get there! Thanks and have a Great day.
  18. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    Sure, bring it. There's plenty of room .See you soon.
  19. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    Bonnie ordered the Rally shirts today & I ordered the portable toilet yesterday. We'll have shirts to wear & a toilet :)
  20. ddesens

    ddesens Member

    Can anyone come? I have a small 5th wheel camper. Got room?