2014 motored bike for sale.

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  1. 003.jpg 2014 Kent Glendale, 26", with Staton friction drive-Honda GX 35 motor. Extras include 1/2 gallon fuel tank, cloud 9 seat,
    springer seat post, nice leather tool bag, speedometer, head and tail lights, and 005.jpg Armadillo Hemisphere Kevlar cord rear tire. Less than 200
    miles on bike. $500.00. I will deliver within 50 miles of Erie, Pa.
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  2. wheelbender6

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    I'm not in the market for a friction drive, but the way you mounted the tool bag opposite the motor visibly balances the appearance of the motorbike nicely. Very clever.
  3. Thank you sir. I originally mounted the gas tank on the side opposite the engine, but the bike fell over and cracked the tank. I put an aluminum bumper on that side to protect the new tank, now mounted on top of the friction drive mount channel, and the bumper seemed like a natural place to mount the tool bag. A better kickstand replaced the second rate original and the bike was complete.
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    Nice bike, that's the way I like them. Simple, practical, cost effective and throw in the cool factor also.........good luck!