2016 8th Annual Central Pa. Rally

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    Don't forget to mark your calendars for this year's rally. Always the first weekend in August. August 6th & 7th this year. Free camping for tents, motor-homes, etc. Lunch & supper provided by Bonnie Saturday & ride to a restaurant for breakfast Sunday morning. Here's a link to last year's rally:

    [FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, lucida grande, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]http://motoredbikes.com/threads/2015-7th-annual-central-pa-rally.45106/ 34 (1).jpg 34 (2).JPG

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    Do you have details of the 2016 event ? Where, When, Times, Cost/ Fees and Contact ?


    USADerny - www.Facebook.com/usaderny
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    I am glad this is still going strong. My first kit/project should be here today and I'm like a kid on Christmas, I can't sleep!
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    Please refresh my memory what road is that on in Lebanon.... Senior Moment
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    2432 S. 5th Ave.
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    I should have my plates by then
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    Thought I'de bump this thread!
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    IMG_1368.JPG New sign this year. Dave & Willie made it.

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    Bonnie threatening me with a fork of turkey [​IMG] burger while she's cooking 20 pounds of it for the rally
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    Wife says "What the hell, you go away for a rally & put on weight"!
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    See you in the am...had to work today :-(..Tony
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    Tks for letting me hang out with you all today..had a good time...too short though.

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    Thank you everyone that came this year & made it another great Rally!!!!
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    Change of date. The 9th Annual Rally will be the first Saturday on October. The 7th.