20Psi On All Four Tires!

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    My daughter picked up my son and me to go out for dinner. Afterwards, she stopped at a gas station to refuel. Son jumps out to check tire pressure with OUR tire gauge. Front tire reads 20psi; the gauge barely moved. "Check another tire", I said. Same reading. "Check the back tire", I said. Same reading. Hmmm, must be a broken tire gauge. So we buy a new gauge there.....

    Same readings. ALL FOUR TIRES READ 20PSI!!!

    That's 10psi under recommended settings for a 2006 Mini Cooper! That's no longer a chance of poor maintenance. I've NEVER seen a car with all 4 tires exactly 12psi underflated.

    Sounds downright malicious!

    I asked my daughter if she routinely checks tire pressure. She said yes; I KNOW the possibility of this happening is nonexistent.

    Daughter informs me there's a 20-something yo guy in their apartment building that sits next to her car on a daily basis. I guess he's not allowed to smoke in his apartment, which is like 20 feet from her parking stall. So he smokes and SPITS on the ground in her stall. She doesn't complain, for fear of him scratching her car.

    The next day, I told her to contact the resident manager ANNND the police, which she did. Manager sloughs it off. At least the cops came out and made a report.

    What do you think about this?


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  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Nah, she's 33yo, married, pregnant.

    They had intended to move to Grandma's next year, but will move asap. Besides, her neighbor's marijuana smoke is wafting into their condo regularly. Manager and cops won't do anything about that, so I told her to contact the association and management company.

    But that's ANOTHER issue.:ack2:
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    The odds of him letting out air in ALL four tires is really low. One tire, yeah. Four tires increases his chance of getting caught, well, four times....and exactly 12 psi ?? Possible but not probable.

    I've found when I go for a while without checking my tire pressure, the psi drops consistantly on all four corners. Colder weather makes it more noticable. Sorry, but I don't think she's been checking her pressure, no matter what she tells you, the evidence dictates otherwise.

    BTW, don't all cars come with TPMS now ?
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    TPMS...No they don't.
  6. Mud Pie

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    Okay, all cars made after 2008 have TPMS, as per the Federal Tread Act....my bad... :)
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    First off I just have to say WAT??

    For starters, rubber is air permeable. Tires never stay inflated. Also, with today's lower profile tires, they hold less air and it's harder to tell when the pressure is getting low because of the very stiff and very short sidewall. Plus, all gauges read differently and air-pumps are all terribly inaccurate.

    And seriously, you're thinking of conspiracy because someone in her apartment smokes next to her car? You have to be joking. And you called the cops on him? What the heck is wrong with you? Now THAT is something I've never seen.

    One of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. Don't you have anything more important to do with your time? You must be that miserable old man across the street that calls the town on his neighbors because the grass is 1/2" too long.
  8. Mud Pie

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    I don't smoke in my house, either. I stand in my driveway and/or garage. I may have to start smoking in the back yard so I'm not labeled as "prime suspect #1"... LOL. Wait, I'm old, I should be cool.

    But I may be labeled psycho because my sidecar motorcycle is camo'd and has a replica Russian machine gun on the sidecar and my '53 Willys has a Browning 1919a4 machine gun replica on a pedestal mount between the seats, ala Rat Patrol.

    Psycho I can live with.... :)
  9. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Boo hoo, you hurt my feelings.....not.:devilish:

    Not time for rebuttal.....yet. Overloaded with full time work and academic assignments.

  10. Richard H.

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    You wrote what many are probably thinking, "get off of my lawn", lol.
  11. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Well, 3,000 posts, so a few strike outs.

    Hey, this is the White Zone. I can post what I like.

    Me, I'm territorial. If Cavi Mike was sitting his fat arse on my property, we'd have a conversation. The second time gets serious. On the third time Mike is sitting in my stall, I back up my car and nail him to the wall.

    "Sorry officer, I didn't expect to see a fat arse hanging out in my parking stall."

    Yeah, old guys have depth-perception problems.

    No, I don't have probs with tall grass. I take care of my neighbors. If they can't mow the lawn, my son or I will mow for them.

    I guess that's why my neighbor lets me use both of his stalls for free. That's saving $100 monthly for the past 5 years. What, $6,000 saved?

    I guess he's grateful for saving his life.....twice. But that's another dumb story.

    I don't know why my daughter let the guy hang out on her property for so long.

    If that was me and Mike, his butt wouldn't be on my property long. :devilish:
  12. Richard H.

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    Oh, I think you'll find more to add to that list, lol,


  13. Mud Pie

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    I may be mistaken, but I don't believe that is "your" parking stall, it belongs to the complex. It may be assigned to you; but you don't own it.

    If it truly belongs to you, are you responsible for it's safety and maintenance ? If there is a pot hole, do you have to fix it ? If the lines are faded, do you have to restripe it ? Or does management take care of it ?

    If it belongs to the complex, it is considered "public area" and that dude smoking nearby is clearly within his rights. He is in a public area, even if you feel he is "too close" to where you want him.

    BTW, I'm also a motorcyclist, and the "I didn't see him" is not a valid defense anymore. I know you said that tongue-in-cheek, just letting ya know...
  14. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Please read the post closely. The dude was in my daughter's stall at another location. You guys are trying awfully hard to pin me down. Not working. Whatever my daughter and her husband do is entirely up to them.

    Basically, if you're hanging out INSIDE my parking stall, we're gonna have a conversation. Where it goes from there depends entirely on you.

    And yes, my stall came with the property. It's on the deed; I own it. It's private property. I maintain it. If a pothole appears due to negligence, I pay for that.

    You nitpickers should post something positive elsewhere, where other members can benefit from your knowledge.

    Your comments show your true inner self.

    I'm done here. There is a wealth of knowledge for me to explore elsewhere.
  15. Richard H.

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    Might want to look in the mirror there ol' timer, you're the one who decided to put up a 'get off my lawn' post on a public forum. Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.