21 LED spot light for $4!!

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    Here's the million dollar question:
    How many lumen is it?
    If it is at least 150 I am interested.
  3. Fletch

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    It's only 25... just checked.
  4. kerf

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    My 55w H3 headlight, which I consider an acceptable light level, is 1550 lumen's. Yes it is a battery hog but I can see down the road enough for 30-40 MPH. I wouldn't think anything below 1000 lumen's would be adequate for any motorized application. Just my opinion.
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    21led spot light for $4

    I converted a Harley fog lamp to led using a 12 volt, 4 watt LED. That's roughly like 30-35 watts of incandescent. The beam is not focused down the road so it's not good for night riding at any speed but it's certainly visible even in bright sunlight and that was my goal...to be seen. I don't ride at night
    so it works well for me. My turn signals, tail light, and brakelight are all LED as well. All the light's use very little current so battery life is excellent.
  6. Pablo

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    I've bought a fair share of these lights and the failure rate is pretty high. Lousy circuitry and such.
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    Yuo need to make your self one of these babies.One P7 900 lumen led.

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    21 LED spot light for $4

    We want details! How it was done, what parts from where, total cost, how difficult to do?
  9. MotoMagz

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    It is under Lighting & Elecrical. The thread is called Seoul Semiconductor P7 900 lumen LED.Hope that will answer any ?'s .If not let me know.
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    As a flashlight, They are selling for around $50.00.
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    I have a P7 flashlight that rocks. Thats why I decided to put one into a bike light.