212cc Predator vs 125cc Lifan

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    Okay, if you wanted to build a bigger bike (maybe motorcycle or moped classification) which motor would you pick and what kinda setup would you do? I am just curious about these two motors, which seem to be the most popular mainstream big motors.

    It seems the Predator 212cc is a little more popular than the Lifan but both are possible to mount on a bike. The Predator is half the price of the cheapest Lifan (manual) and there are kits specifically designed for the 212cc Predator. For the Lifan you will have to create mounting bolt holes yourself. The Lifan is designed for moped/small motorcycle use while the Predator is a general use engine. The Lifan also has 4 gears in its internal transmission while the Predator does not and has a higher RPM red line. Also, number wise, I couldn't find specifics about the Predator such as maximum net power @ its maximum RPM 3800. I know most people remove the governor on their Predators but I am not able to find any information.

    Last point, while the Lifan is double the price of the Predator, remember that it does have an internal 4 gear transmission. To get the same for a Predator, you will have to buy a jackshaft kit which at the end of the day kinda balances out the price for both.

    Lifan : ~$250 (manual)
    Displacement : 123.77cc
    Compression ratio : 9.5:1
    Max. Net Power : 8.5 Kw DIN @ 9500 rpm
    Rated Power : 6.5 Kw @ 7500 rpm
    Min. Torque : at least 8.8 Nm @ 5500 rpm

    Predator : $120
    Displacement : 212cc
    Compression ratio : ????
    Max. Net Power : ????
    Rated Power : ???? 4.84 Kw (6.5 mechanical hp) @ 3800 rpm???
    Max. Torque : 10.98 Nm @ 2500 rpm
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  2. Come up for a visit, as I have already mentioned in other posts bakaneko my co -worker is running a 212cc Death Row kit from Kings Bikes and he loves it. We should get together and may turn into a SE Wisconsin MB club
    The more heads involved the more advanced we will get.
    Tom from Rubicon
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    Yeah, sure I can head up there. It looks like Hartford has some good coffee shops or places to meet?
  4. bakaneko,
    Hang in there, My coworker Isaiah is the man when it comes to motorized bicycles.
    He has got himself buried in a home project right now. ( We are both pulling overtime) But that doesn't mean we can't get introductions going.
    This weekend I have family from Ontario, WI coming for a visit and my Huffy-Davidson is part of the program.
    Just email me. trpetersonwi@yahoo.com
    Carrying this thread forward should be strictly for its engineering and mechanical advancement
    of our MB community.
    Tom from Rubicon, WI
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    the lifan is also lighter and more compact than a 212 with a gearbox added. I'd go lifan personally.
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    I have seen lots of pit bike with the lifan and thay fly so that's my pick stuff the big lawnmower 212cc
  7. The lifan may be lighter but that 212cc hauls! Compact is not a predator with its snowmobile power transfer system.
    The Kings Bikes Death Row kit takes a bit of ingenuity but my buddy's set up is awesome and he is very happy.
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    I'd also note that Lifans are essential honda cub engines that have just been copied or restamped. When the patent on the honda Z mini trails ran up, many chinese companies started to make them and started making performance parts too
  9. Perk Place for sure.
  10. From my experience 49cc 4 stroke, riding the Kettle Moraine of SE Wisconsin I cannot justify a larger engine even if it were legal.
    I cruise @ 25mph as it gets a bit buzzy (Vibration) going any faster. Some hills are rather steep but it is rare that I need to pedal.
    My co-worker shortened the internal baffle system of the stock BBR muffler and claims it markedly improved acceleration and top end. I haven't got there yet, but I will.
    My doctor told me I should ride a bicycle for exercise so I got one with a motor.
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    Lifan all the way I have a custom motorbike and it's powered by a 90cc lifan clone very reliable and durable not to mention very fast(60mph) a lot of cutting,welding and fabrication.
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    Do you have the transmission hooked up rico? can you go through all five gears?
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    It's a 4 speed semi auto 4 up vice versa to downshift.
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