212cc top speed?

I realize this might be a crazy question and no one might know the exact answer, but a ballpark answer would be good enough. Does anyone know what top speed to expect on a 212 with 26” wheels, torque converter and 48t rear sprocket, 10t on the jack shaft? I’m gonna be running a rear moped hub and the biggest sprocket I could get to fit the moped hub was 48t. Oh and the governor will be bypassed.
Did you finalize your build?
Idk, I give people the benefit of doubt. But that many bad days? That close? I hate guys like that. The kind of guy where nothing has ever gone well, is going well or could ever go well. The kind of guy where no matter how bad or good anything is, its always bad and could never be better. Know what I mean? Just a plain old bad attitude.

If I remember right he had some issues where there wasn't enough room for a healthy gear reduction, using a 212 and that he had a custom wheel build with a moped hub that didn't have freewheel threading on the right side.

Idk. It seemed like a forever project when it ran well to begin with. Just needed a better rear wheel than the rag joint and coaster brake it had when he bought it.