22 cc friction drive

I have a 22cc friction drive
Can't tell what type motor you are running in the pictures.
Got more?
Years back, I started with a 2nd hand, 25cc Homelite had for $5.
Durn thing ran forever before the coil died. I'm glad it did tho; it
gave me an excuse to run a real power plant on my bike.
That's a big tank for such a tiny engine, but it likely lasted the
whole distance.
You can't tell me you didn't do a lotta pedaling.:D
It’s a 22cc Kawasaki engine normally used on a hedge trimmer . I did very little pedalling ( it could have don it ,with out pedals) but that we’re used mainly from a standing start to help in traffic especially from traffic lights
Frank Brzeski
Show a few more detailed pics of how the engine is installed when you get a chance. Success is usually found in those small details.
-Friction drive looks like a great choice for use with those lightweight wheels.
Would love to see details. Have built many MB but never a low cc friction and would like too.