25 cc GEBE on a French Tri-cycleiux'


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Sep 30, 2006
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The customer brought me a Cignal Village Velo , purchased for $35 at a Flea Market. He added the booster seat for the grandson unit.....


The fender was removed rather than notched, so the bike could be recycled as a pedal unit when the grandson outgrew the fun....

I flipped the only brakes, those on the front, to the rear side of the forks.
The narrow forks had to be squeezed on the spokering side to provide enough clearance. Also a hollow stem was used, to feed the brake cable through the forks, out of the way (mostly). THIS BIKE WILL NOT STOP ON A DIME.....in fact, wear heavy shoes for Fred Flintstone style emergencies...

Note-wrap the area in tape, and an adjustable wrench will do fine if all you need is an 1/8"th to 1/4" inch of free area.


I used Torques tape measure method to snap on the ring, not as exact as my normally using my plastic spacers, but this wheel was 24", so no spacers are available....


I didn't cut off excess metal from the strap, figuring he probably will put the engine on a regular bike within 2 years, and those holes might be handy for use with a light fixture, if he sells is to some senior citizen in town.

Flags are available for about $5, I may just put one on Rocinanante. (my red cruiser) which would give me super-duper state trooper immunity.


Without the cover, so you can see some details. I use my own engine (the one on the ground/the Denver engine) to put the bike through the paces, then switch out to one with about 150 miles on it....


I slowed it down with the 11 tooth Mountain Gear, so it climbs hills with zero problemos, and tightened the brakes a little more, so the Flinstone stuff is done....

As the French say "Viola".
Neat bike, it would be cool to have one with a big wire basket or truck style bed on the back and haul parts with it. I bet you could stick a disk brake caliper from an old mower on that rear sprocket and really stop in a hurry.
bamabikeguy said:
The customer brought me a

Flags are available for about $5, I may just put one on Rocinanante. (my red cruiser) which would give me super-duper state trooper immunity.

When I was a kid it was the law (or just a really good idea) to have these flags on your bikes... at least, all the kids and the multitude of tourist bikes had flags... in a way, removing that flag from the bracket which held it to my banana seat was my first act of civil disobediance.

Now I seem to have one of those flags in my garage, don't ask me how, we're talking 30 years here... anyway, it sits over there... and sometimes I look at it and wonder about the future.
My project may be equivalent to two engines since its 148cc.

Too bad its not currently running.. :(