26" analog odometer

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    I wanted to find something to use as a backup odometer for my digital that is now resetting randomly due to the ignition RFI of my frame mounted 2 stroke. I have been keeping track of miles to assist with maintenance (and its nice to know how far down the road you've gone on your MB)

    Found these listed on ebay:


    New old stock, 1960's vintage Italian analog odometer made for 26" wheel. These look to be very nice metal construction and the price is definitely right. I ordered 2 of them for myself.
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  2. datz510

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    I got both of mine in the mail yesterday. The quality isn't bad at all. Its an aluminum casing. The drive mechanism has a plastic housing, but seems to be pretty sturdy.

    Got one of them installed on my bike after taking it apart and advancing the mileage to match my current mileage. There is a screw on the bottom that you can pull out, then bend a small tab and you can slide out the counter mechanism. I'll let you all know how it works in the long run.
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    I wonder if Whizzer speedometers would work? If so, they should be plenty sturdy.
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    I bet they would as well. Though I didnt want a big analog speedo on the handlebars. I have no extra room on mine with all the gadgets I have. This odometer mounts down on the fork, so its out of the way while riding.
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