26" Cruiser centerstand is there a preferance?

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  1. Been looking around but it seems a wiser course to ask our forumites what which is the strongest and least tippy center stand. Name names please or links to a good one. I am doing my first build on a Huffy Classic mated to a 49cc 4 stroke Bikeberry kit. I wouldn't be asking but the Huffy side stand does not like to stay locked.

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  3. JGH122,
    Excellent recommendation ! Amazing what all Amazon offers. Thank-you for the link.
    Tom from Rubicon, WI
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    I prefer this style, because it sets up like a "V" style when down, but when kicked up it folds together and tucks up on the side like a conventional kickstand.

    Amazon Link

    Here is what it looks like on my bike. Link
  5. bamotor,
    What is the opened footprint of the kickstand? I am open to all solutions and I think it is good to create more resources in this forum. Thank-you.
    Tom from Rubicon, WI
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    I like the 'M-wave" as well - partly because it is articulated, and the legs fold inward towards each other when it's up.
    Also. the legs are individually and easily adjustable in length with no tools, in case you encounter uneven ground when standing your bike up.
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    The stance split is 9 inch. and the height is 11.5 inch
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    Here is how it looks folded up.

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  9. After looking at all different types of center stands I have taken JGH122's advise.
    Amazon got an order yesterday. The wide stance and sellers reduced price made the deal.
    Tom from Rubicon, WI
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    I'm not using a center stand, just a side stand.
    Are these strong enough to bear your weight to start start the bike and let it idle?

  11. Steve, Having ordered one you will soon find out. As a mechanical engineer I will do a full evaluation.
    Tom from Rubicon
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    I wouldn't do it
  13. David Bogle

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    IMG_20160319_110832.jpg IMG_20160319_110734.jpg IMG_20160319_110712.jpg IMG_20160319_110734.jpg IMG_20160319_110712.jpg IMG_20160319_110758.jpg I haven't found a center stand yet that will hold your weight and support you while starting, I've bought several, from EBay, Amazon , Gasbike even Mzmiami , they all need to have notches cut so that it retracts upward far enough and additional welding and bracing added IMG_20160319_110734.jpg
  14. Dave,
    I very much like your bracing The one I purchased M-Wave -Double is OK, but the lower part of the legs is at best polyethylene. They do function as well as I expected. That said, I have my own machine shop and at some point will fabricate stronger lower legs. Coincidentally the Huffy Davidson rider that brought me into this interest called tonight to find out the source of my center stand. He built a 212cc Predator Huffy Davidson, and to date (1 Month) all is well but the Huffy kick stand keeps bending. Gee I wonder why?
    Take care Forumites until I post again. And I do appreciate all the input.
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    Just to let you know, as you may already see that the M-wave has weak lowers. The lowers broke on me within a few hours of use, and they had a tendency to lose adjustment.

    I returned to amazon and got


    Seems to hold stronger and much more convenient folding for a mountain bike frame.
  16. Comandoriv,
    Thanks for the reply. I did look at the BV foldable, it just sort of weirded me out that both legs fold to one side.
    As said in a earlier post I have a machine shop. A Sheldon lathe, Bridgeport mills, Grob 18'' bandsaw, and much more.
    I appreciate your endorsement of the BV kickstand as my buddy with the 212cc Huffy Davidson will want to know.
  17. Short answer is no.
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    The design is peculiar to say the least, I typically see the kickstand as more than just something to hold the bike up, I see it as an embellishment. I like to design my bikes for comfort, style and durability While trying to be ever so mindful of originality.
    I am currently working on 3 bike builds and I feel that even if I was working on a dozen that I still wouldn't have the urge to use this design.
  19. David,
    Snooped around your website, interesting and impressive. The Monarch fairy is a masterpiece of metaphors.
  20. Today I gave my Huffy Davidson 212cc co-worker the two options as seen on Amazon. It will be interesting to hear what he thinks. I still think the M-Wave with replacement metal lowers to be the most effective center stand design because of adjustability and wider footprint.