26" Cruiser from down under

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  1. foundry_man

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    Hey MB'ers!

    This is my first build, just thought i'd throw a couple pics up and introduce myself.

    I'm from melbourne, australia and decided to build up a motored bike to get around on for a while due to a license suspension... :whistling:

    I read everything i could on this forum about the 2 stroke HT's, and so far with a few minor mods its up and running in a 26" cruiser

    66cc ebay HT kit, NGK plug and bosch lead and a "speed" carb.
    roughened up intake port and tube, deburred anything i could find in the bore/head

    had to machine out the center hole in the rear sproket to fit over the hub,
    and also fabricate an engine mount for the downtube because it was too fair away,
    its handy having a lathe, vice and welder around for these builds!

    still on the first tank of gas, mixed it at 16:1 was getting some 4 stroking low-mid range,
    just leaned it out at the needle, and see how it goes after the next tank, going to try 32:1. using castrol oil as well.



    next I plan on chopping the seat post down and get that seat riding low, install a rear fender and search for some nice old school grips :cool:

  2. Bzura

    Bzura Member

    Very nice build! That front motor mount looks like it came with the bike. All the cables & wiring is nice and clean. I like it a lot. And just remember that the engine will continue to get stronger & run better as you break it in (and even afterwards for some time.)
  3. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Looks great. When you lower the seat, consider moving it rearward with a layback seat post or some other piece so that you can still pedal comfortably.
  4. foundry_man

    foundry_man New Member

    thanks Bzura!


    just before i read this post i was looking at the seat post and thinking the exact same thing ha!

    had it up to just over 25mph on the way home today, motor seems to like being in the mid-wot range :helmet:
  5. butterbean

    butterbean Well-Known Member

    I would not recommend adjusting your air/fuel ratio until you're finished running break-in mix. Otherwise it may be too lean when you switch to less oil. A little 4 stroking during break-in won't hurt anything.
  6. foundry_man

    foundry_man New Member

    thanks for the tip butterbean! :D

    the temperature here this week is up around 110F, thankfully we got the rest of the week off work, not exactly ideal conditions for a little HT motor!

    when the weather cools down i'm going to fab up a chain guide to stop the chain brushing against the tyre, i'll post some pics when i do it,
    im running 2.125 cruiser tyres at the moment, i plan on replacing the rear with a 2.0 or 1.95 for peace of mind.
  7. TREK820

    TREK820 New Member

    Another bike that I like!, which is rare because i have a specific style. Another build with awesome taste!

    And wheelbender, you have the same idea as I do. I have one on my bike. Its amazing, most people think putting on a layback seat is for style, yeah, maybe for some, but its also for ergonomics.

    layback seat does look good though :)
  8. foundry_man

    foundry_man New Member

    i'm thinking we may have similar taste TREK820!
  9. foundry_man

    foundry_man New Member

    thanks Dave31,

    moved the CDI up a little, sprayed some ceramic header paint on the exhaust, had welded up some tiny holes in the factory welds and was looking a little ugly..


    re aligned the rear sprocket the best I could, its not perfect, but better than it was.

    gonna have a search around work for some 1" tube to fab up a laid back seatpost, and also might chop up some handle bars and do a new exhaust just to try it out.

    ordered some new tyres, 1.75 schwalbe road cruiser for the front, and a 1.95 schwalbe city jet for the rear..
  10. butterbean

    butterbean Well-Known Member

    For tires, I recommend Kenda K838's. I have only put about 600 miles on mine, but they still look brand new. They are 26 x 1.95 and the chain should clear no problem. They are a little softer than most cruiser/department store type tires, so they grip the road better which means they wear slower. They also have a much smoother feeling ride than cruiser tires or knobbys. One word of advice though. If you happen to find yourself on a wet road, go easy on the throttle and use the front brake gently. With these tires, going to fast + slamming the front brake = you on the ground. Let's just say I learned that the fun way and leave it at that.
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  11. foundry_man

    foundry_man New Member

    chopped the seatpost down and got my buddy at work to fab a laid back seat post,

    had some ape hangers from an old 20" lowrider bike i used to ride bout 12+ years ago, bit odd but pretty comfortable to cruise now!


  12. foundry_man

    foundry_man New Member

    had touble with the stator, was on my way to work and the motor died, wouldn't start at all, no spark etc...

    ordered a new stator and cdi just incase, replaced the stator fired right up!

    test rode around the street for bout 15mins, all good just like before,
    then the next day went to leave for work, got about half a mile down the road the thing stopped again!, had to ride back home ... not happy

    messed around with it after work, re gapped the magneto, tried different leads/plugs, old cdi new cdi etc, nothing i tried worked at all, pulled the motor off and ordered a 50cc 4 stroke kit.

    i just can't justify the time trying to diagnose this little motor..

    all up i got about 2 weeks riding time, should have just gone with the 4 stroke in the first place!

    ahh well, i've changed the bars, and i'll paint the frame, pics soon once this new motor arrives!
  13. butterbean

    butterbean Well-Known Member

    The 4 strokes have a much more dependable ignition system. I've not once had a problem getting my engine to turn over.
  14. sactownie

    sactownie Member

    I found out the hard way with the 2 stroke china engine you have to carry spare ignition parts. other then that If I had the money I would go for a 4 stroke especially if your depending on it for transportation to your job/school.
  15. foundry_man

    foundry_man New Member

    yeah i bit the bullet and went with a 4 stroke, just a huasheng.

    had to do a few mods to get this thing set up in this frame..

    couple progress shots so far


    i had to make up an intake manifold, so the carb can sit out on a 45 degree angle out of the way of the top tube etc..

    sprayed the engine shroud to look a little less lawnmower and also gave the frame a couple coats of rustoleum 'almond gloss' seeing as it was all stripped down already



    had my workmate TIG the manifdold together


    sittin sideways now!




    slowly coming together, trued the new rear sprocket and had to take out 1mm from the centre hole on the lathe

    wide cranks that came with kit don't clear the motor, didn't come with a long BB shaft either, so i found some short cranks off an old lowrider bike that will have to do for now
    also moved the rear wheel across to the right so the chain could clear the frame,

    its bout 100 degrees out today, called it quits and went home, i'll have it fired up tomorrow finger crossed!