26" cruiser front suspension recommendation

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    I'm trying to get some front shocks or some type of suspension for my 26" cruiser. I've tried the springer fork already and don't really like them. It lowered my bike a bit, and makes squeaking noises sometimes. Could someone recommend a decent shock for a cruiser, in the budget range of 100-150 bucks.
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    1" headset selection limited

    I have found difficulties also in the selection offered. I am looking at one fork that might do well if you keep to the streets. RST Omega TnL 26'' 100mm Fork Black No Steerer, this item comes with no steerer tube, so you will have to purchase separately along with a crown race. The steerers are about 20$ and the fork is about 130$ not including shipping at bikeman.com. I think this might be one of the best suspension forks available for an 1" application also it is ALL black. Sorry, I have done a lot of searching myself and the selection in not to bright. Now I would like one of the Zoom triple tree suspension forks that come on the Grubee GT series of bikes, but I cannot seem to find them available as a separate item.

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    Cheap suspension forks have two problems:
    1) they do not have any dampening at all, except for some plastic bushings that are friction-fit. When those wear out, the forks pogo up-and-down-and-up-and-down-and-up-and-down, all the time. Making new bushings requires tools that most people don't have.

    2) they will also tend to squeak after not-very long (which you will quickly notice, since they will also be springing up-and-down all the time by then!) and replacement parts are not available. Taking them apart and greasing the insides may help the squeaking, but makes the pogo-ing even worse.


    What I would suggest is looking around online for some clearance Rock Shox forks. You want the low-end model from one or two years ago, these get priced out at around $150 and are MUCH better than the generic junk. Get one that has fluid dampening and try to see if you cannot get some replacement bushing sets at the same time. Look around online for comments on what parts fail, and try to get a couple changes of that part.
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    I found a good quality28" cast aluminun lowers hyd forks set for 5 bux at my LBS.
    Thet work excellent and have a "stretched" look on my 26" cruiser.
    Realy changed the handeling and comfort.



    Wayne Z
  5. wzuccarello

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    BTW, can anybody identify those forks or the bike brands that use them?
    I want to find another pair.

    Thanks, Wayne Z
  6. a/c man

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    Looks cool.
    I hope you put some v brakes on that thing.
    Make sure the brake handles match the type of brakes you put on.
    V brakes and cantilever brakes have a longer pull that calipers do.
    Remember its not the fall that hurts, it's the abrupt stop when you hit the ground that does.

  7. wzuccarello

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    Can't put v brakes in it unless I use a 28" wheel. The pins are too high for the 26".

    So, I dressed them up with the zombie skull bolts for now.

    Wayne Z