26" Front wheel, and 20" rear wheel for my new build!?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by StrontiumEthics, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. StrontiumEthics

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    For my new build I am going to use a 26" front wheel, and a 20" rear wheel to archieve a "Chopper-Like" effect. Now, the part that really bothers me is; How will this effect me? Obviously, I know I will have the back wheel rotating more than the front wheel. But is there something else that I should know about this setup? I actually made a mini-model of how its going to look using the frame, and I actually liked the way it looked so im going to stick with it. Also, what rear gear should I be looking at? Perhaps a 36t? Unfortunatly, the welders around me are very very expensive, so I cant really make my own frame.... = (

  2. Dilly Bar Rob

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    I think you should be OK. Sounds like a bike (non-motorized) that I built as a kid. :D

    Are you using a frame that is meant for 26" wheels or is it a frame meant for 20" wheels with a bigger fork/wheel in front? I ask because if you use a frame meant for 26" wheels then the mount for the rear brake will not work with the 20" wheel... You could just use a coaster brake wheel to get around this, but if you do don't forget to also get a good front brake.

    A 40t or 36t may be a good idea with a 20" wheel if you want to ride longer distances. I have a 44t on my 20" and it does not go very fast (compared to my first bike with a 44t and 26" wheels & same engine, sorry no speedo on either bike so I can't post actual numbers). I don't really mind as I don't ride very far and prefer to go slow anyway. The positive side of having a 44t with a 20" wheel (in my case with a "80"cc HT) is amazing hill climbing ability. I can also pop a wheelie :jester:
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    Hey Stron..Eno in Oz...I reckon you need to modify it to take an OCC Stingray Chopper hub and tyre...,TRACTION, POWER & WEIGHT on the road..80cc donk..lets see some pics soon..see ya Eno (Upside Down)
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    If you use a 26" frame are you going to have problems with the pedals ?
  5. StrontiumEthics

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    The Frame that I am using is made for 26" Wheels, and I will have Front brakes because of my front fork. and the Disc brake mount. I will be lacing a custom wheel to accomadate the Front Disc. I'm very confident that I dont really need a back brake, I will rely on compression braking. I currently do this for one of my bikes with only back brakes. I should be ok with the pedals, I;ll get some short ones.
  6. Dilly Bar Rob

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    !!!!!!!! :no:

    Please, for the love of god, get two working brakes on the bike!

    If I would have to rely on one brake only it would be rear. But I wouldn't feel safe doing so. Riding with only a front brake on a MB (or even a regular bicycle) cant be even close to safe.

    I'm sure there are some members here with horror stories about there only brake failing....

    Keep it safe! :stuart:
  7. StrontiumEthics

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    Hey guys im gonna be building a new front wheel soon. Wondering what I should do? Should I get 36 spokes or 32 spokes? Im going to be using disc brakes. The 32 setup might save me a few... What should I do?.... What about the rear wheel. How many spokes should I go with? How should I set it up? I know that is the wheel that is going to take a massive beating... connected to the engine and all..
  8. customcruiser

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    adam,reppin zero brakes here probably not the smartest LIFE CHOICE around but i have front disc and rear v but rears are effed and front disc lasts five mintues so i use compression braking or feet but mostly i never stop its usually run red lights or swerve thru traffic but daddy oh dearest says ride this bike even tho my scooter and board has brakes
  9. StrontiumEthics

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    I used Jim Sittuns ratio calculator and found out that my top speed using a back 20" wheel and 36t sprocket will be around 25 mph! To me thats bad. Im not sure should I just stick with a 26" rear wheel? Top speed on that using a 36t sprocket is gonna be around 33 mph. Not to sure what i should do. I originally thought that the 20" will give the bike a unique apperance, but I dont want to sacrifice performance. This is my 4th build, and I used all 26" in the past.. No hills in my area, just flat gounds....

    Need help what should I do!!!:shout:
  10. StrontiumEthics

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    Hey, I am using a 26" frame with this bike. The frame is steel, and I am wondering if I use a 26" wheel in front and 20" in the back will it crack the frame while riding because the front is more elevated than the back? Originally it was this junk bike that I found and on rode, striped it and saved and refurbished the frame. Steel frames are strong so I dont know if putting a 20" wheel on the back would be much of a bad idea. What do you think?
  11. StrontiumEthics

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    Here are pictures of the primed Frame

    Here are pictures of the Primed Frame.

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    Nah, I don't think you should have any structural problems because of using the 20" wheel in the back. Think about it - to the bike it's just like you would be riding uphill all the time. As long it takes the added stress it will get from the engine all should be good :D

    Just go with the 36t if you want speed, or maybe there is a vendor who sells an even smaller sprocket? I think I personally would not change the bikes pre-planned design just to gain a few mph, but that's me. What kind of speed were you hoping for?
  13. StrontiumEthics

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    Here I actually found time to put things together a little to see how it looks and take a picture. Here are the pictures I took. Tell me what you guys think. The pedals are like 6-10 inches off the ground. To low?
    Tell me what you guys think.

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  14. ocscully

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    I'm curious about just how you are going to use the fork shown in the frame shown? The fork appears to have an 1&1/8 steerer tube and I'm guessing that the frame is made for the old 1 in BMX/Cruiser headset? If you are actually able to use the fork shown, I think the extra height of the long travel fork offsets the amount of clearance you lost using the 20 in. rear wheel. So pedal clearance won't be an issue.

  15. V 35

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    The frame is in no danger from the lopsided wheels, look over
    all welds, and dropout fastening. Tip, want welding cheap ?
    Go to a muffler shop, they have torches set up, and usually have some brazing rod on hand. Avoid electric welding bike tubing, the current can alter the metal, making it crack prone.