26 inch Heavy Duty Motor Bicycle tire suggestions?

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    Got one of those kits to convert a cruiser bicycle to an 80cc motor bike. Lots of modifications have been made. One problem that i have run into is tire selection. The bicycle came with 26 x 2.125 Heavy duty tires, It was a sweet deal and the tires are excellent except they are too wide. After mounting, and remounting the sprocket and using shims to center the sprocket so the chain would run perfectly between the rear tire and back frame stays, it still does not have enough room to clear and it eats the side wall of the 26X 2.125 tires. So now im looking to get some smaller width tires that are heavy duty. I should only need about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch extra clearance. Maybee a 26 x 1.75 would work, and if so what ideas do some of you have on a tire that is heavy duty that would support the extra 30lbs the motor adds to the bicycle.

    Thanks for your input,

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    oh yea, i forgot, i already have the sprocket dished out instead of inside next to the spokes, and i also added the 3 moon brackets i got from another kit as a spacer inbetween the rubber packers and the sprocket to add even more clearance to get the chain away from the tire, and still need more clearance. So she is as far away from the tire as she can be.This is my second kit. The engine blew on the first kit so i have extra parts. The bike is sweet, I put a leather seat on it, and it has a blackburn rack that i added a basket to it, so i can carry around an extra gallon of gas around with me. I had some gear head come up to me the other day and ask me if it was a 1903 harley davidson, and the bicycle mechanic at the Trek store took pictures of it when i was at Burger King this morning. It is all black and looks like an old fashioned motorcycle like they did back before the war. It is classic looking and i have spent alot of time and money on it.

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    you could try using #410 bmx chain , alot narrower its like ten bucks and its worked great on every bike thats had the same problem. most all bicycle shops have it. some may not agree but i'm running three bike like that right now.
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    on my cousins HT we added a couple of thick washes onto axle
    just inside frame on the chain driven side
    it made for -- just enough clearance

    ride that thing
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    End result?!...............and thanks.........

    Thanks for your input,

    Went to the local bike shop and asked about the #410 bmx chain, he opened up his bicycle catalog and couldn't find it. We are not sure what a #410 bmx chain is and would it fit on the standard sprocket spur/pinion combination that came with the kit? Does it go by any other name than a #410 bmx chain?

    Thanks for the second suggestion, we already too have washers on the hub bolts as well to add clearance.

    The bicycle tube started coming out of the sidewall so i had to act fast. I decided to grab a set of decent 26 X 1.75 tires that are medium quality. I wish I could have found some that were heavy duty, but i searched and scoured local shops to no avail.

    Turns out that the 26 X 1.75 gave me a huge amount of clearance, I probably could have made it with some 26 x 1.90's

    I ride this thing around and i always get stopped, by people asking me questions, about the kit and how they can do it. It seems like i have at least 2-3 people that stop and have to ask me questions everyday.

    It is the first thing/vehicle i have ever owned that turns heads.

    Anyhow, Next problem is that im still in the break in cycle, only running the bike 15mph or less for 300miles. I have 150 miles to go, but the engine still seems sluggish, and lacks power.

    I had a honda aero 80 when i was a kid, and it was a 4 stroke 80cc and this is a 2 stroke 80/66cc. This thing should eat the 4 stroke, but it doesn't. It has no torque or holeshot punch like a 2 stroke should.

    It sounds like a champ when there is no load on the engine ( when the clutch lever is pulled in) it revs well and sounds very fluid, like it is a tiger ready to leap on a gazelle. However when it is time to get up and go, and put the wheel in motion, she is a slug. She turns in to ole betsy, and needs a slap in the ***. Not sure what to do next to increase torque/power. I already put a new NGK spark plug in her, and tightened the cylinder head bolts, so she wouldn't blow a head gasket. It just seems like she is not developing the power that my last engine did(It blew though) I don't think this thing would go over 20 mph if i floored it.

    Not sure what the problem is.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful, or if you could let me know if it takes 300 miles for my Ole Betsy to turn in to a Cougar(demi moore would be nice), i would appreciate it.

    Thanks again for your input and ideas.