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    Dear Fellow Members-After becoming thoroughly frustrated trying to find 26" Whitewall Beach Cruiser balloon type tires for my Walmart Huffy brand Cranebrook, I went BACK to Wallmart only to discover that they carry 26" x 2.125" Whitewall Beach Cruiser type tires for around $13.00 under the Bell brand! The manufacturer's name on the tire is Innova and the tire bead is constructed of steel wire! My local bike shop, which DOESN'T carry this type of tire, said that these tires are generally equal in terms of quality and wear. Tires were a breeze to put on and look great!:) My dollars worth-Gearhead:helmet:

  2. Thats all I have ever used is the Bell white wall tires from wal-mart....When you go to buy them look in the box before buying them and you will find some of the tires say 45 psi on them and others say 65 psi....Buy the 65 psi tires,they handle alot better....
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    Thanx for the tip! Both of mine say 65 PSI and both are labeled "Innova" brand, FWIW. What do you mean when you write that the 65 PSI tires "handle better"? Thanx again for any info:)-Gearhead
  4. The 65 PSI tires can be filled to a higher pressure and wont be as mushy and squirly as the 45 PSI tires(expecially at high speeds on these MB we ride)....You try to fill a 45 PSI tire to 65 PSI and it can blow out on you....My local bike shop couldnt even get the 65 PSI white walls for me and that is how I ended up starting to buy the wal-mart bell tires years ago....I have never had one blow out on me....They are good quaility tires....Hope I helped....
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    Thanx again! The original whitewall front tire developed a bulge on the side of the whitewall and my bike shop warned against riding it in this condition. I did manage to ride her for another 5 miles or so before purchasing and installing these new tires:)-Gearhead222
  6. Im guessing the tire that got a buldge in it was the tire that came on the bike when you bought it?When you buy a huffy or a schwinn or bike of that quality the factory tires are junk and very dangerous,they need to be changed right away....5 years ago or so I bought a beachcruiser from wal-mart(kuluna moondog)with white walls and I was going down the road about 15 or 20 mph and the back tire blew out(the bike was not even a month old)I was all over the road and almost wiped out(it was scary)....

    When I went to buy new white walls at my local bike shop and all he had was the 45 psi tires he told me not to buy them becouse he said at high speeds that I go that it would be to dangerous....He said that the low psi white walls were for beachcruisers that just pedal around at 10 miles a hour....

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    Guess that I have been lucky, as these old tires have around 400 miles on them! Will keep you updated on these new Innova ones;)-Gearhead
  8. Yes let me know how they workout....My tire that blew out that came on the bike blew out at the bead,it just ripped apart....
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    Another tube developed a leak in another location on the rear rim ! Took it back to the bike shop, and they installed a second fabric rim strip and a heavy duty puncture resistant tube-doing fine after about 6 miles! Keeping my fingers crossed:)-Gearhead
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    Hmm. I have never had any trouble finding these type tires online.
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    Not the point of the thread-Gearhead
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    Hmmmm.... I popped onto this thread because the tires on my Cranbrick... well, the one on the back anyway... has gone prematurely bald. Is that from the stress of the motoized drivetrain or my fat 200lb carcass? Or both? These are the origional whitewalls to the bike and by my figures, they have over 500 miles on board. Tenatively, I have rotated them- the front tire looked fairly decent, so I figure the stress on it couldn't be too severe. When the tread on the back matches the bald one up front, I'll get new rubber... something just this side of bullet-proof. I'm not one to go cheap on road rubber.
    the Old Sgt.