26" rim/disc wheel ?

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    You might try Mountain Bike Review Classifieds most of what you will find there is used but you do find people offering just single wheels sometimes.

    I just went to Nashbars web site they currently are offering a mavic crossmax disc rear wheel currently marked down to $79.99 from $142.00 it takes the splined type of disc rotor rather than the bolt on type. The link to the page is to long for me to add here but if you go to http://www.nashbar.com go to wheels then mtbwheels and then rear wheels you will find it.

    Also http://Performancebike.com currently has single rear wheels on special
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    thanks for the classified link :D
    I am already on nashbar's and performance's mailing lists
    I need a 6bolt disc wheel to mount a sprocket, and a rim that takes v-brakes for braking...sorry I should have specified why I am looking
    I have a 7speed derailleur (Schwinn Jaguar), that's why I said cassette or freewheel, Nashbar has both, plus the spacer I need to fit a 7sp cassette if necessary
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    hey Bill....
    that ebay wheelset is the best price I have ever seen. I have everything but the wheel, for a front disc set up. wanna go halves on the deal?
    pm me.