26" Sun Rims Rhyno Lite wheel with custom mounted sprocket

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    26" Sun Rims Rhyno Lite wheel with custom mounted sprocket $75 (PICS!)

    This is a very nice custom setup. It is a heavy duty Sun Rims Rhyno Lite 6000 series alloy rear wheel with a Shimano Hyperglide CS-HG70 7-speed cassette. I custom made an adapter that allowed me to mount a drive sprocket to the Shimano FH-M475 disc brake hub. This wheel is compatible with rim brakes. This wheel/hub/cassette is like new and has less than 1 mile ride time on it. It has a brand new rim strip on it as well. $75

    Disclaimer: I only used this set-up for VERY short rides. I had problems with my engine so I could never really get the bike going. Therefore, I cannot say if this is a safe way to mount a sprocket to a wheel. It just seems to me that the hub is a stronger, sturdier point to mount the sprocket to than the spokes. This was kind of a prototype that I never got to really test out. You are using this at your own risk.

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    does it come with the sprocket?
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    Yes it comes with the sprocket. It comes exactly as you see it in the picture. The sprocket is attached to a 1/4" thick steel adapter plate with high strength grade 8 bolts. When I had the engine on my bike, the chain lined up perfectly to the sprocket. You may need to shim the sprocket inward or outward with washers and possibly longer bolts to make it line up with your engine drive sprocket.
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    This will fit on any standard mountain bike.
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    SOLD! thanks