Tires 26 x 2.30 Tires (Advice Needed For Regular Road/Street Riding)

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    First of all i would like to say a big 'Hi and Thnxs to each and every Guy/Gal thats out and about on there motorized bikes'. :cool2:

    Now before i continue i must make it clear that im a n00b with pretty much everything thats related to 'Motorized Bikes' so please forgive me if i ask questions that are dumb and straight forward to most of you !!!.

    I guess its best if i provide as much information as possible so here goes:

    My tire/tyre size: 26 x 2.30

    ETRTO: 56 - 559

    Now here is my dilema, im having a hard time finding ANY tires that are within that spec.

    I have checked and double checked to make sure i havent messed up any numbers that correspond with my tire/tyre size.

    I have friends that have told me 'Maxxis' are the be all and end all of tires/tyres but im not sure if they really are the best (they are however the only manufacturers that ive been able to find that support '26 x 2.30').

    ^^ There's a link to what im thinking of buying, should i be buying these tires/tyres or is there something better ???

    I guess i should add that i will be making regular every day travel to and from work, im looking for advice from you guys, if you was in my situation, what would be your tire/tyre of choice ???

    Thnxs to anyone and everyone that can offer info/advice. :D

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    My knowledge is not with motorised bikes; but the tread looks like it will pick up tiny stones/gravel until it is worn down quite a bit. I hate that "studded" feeling, makes me very scared.. which is exciting in it's own way. ;)
    Those tyres being "kevlar" refers to the bead, not an extra puncture protection layer.
    Kevlar bead (folding) tyres tend to roll off the rim if you have a puncture, this is usually a PITA when pushing the bike home (must carry duct tape to hold the tyre on) but could be dangerous at high speed where you need your tyre to stay on the rim until you can stop.
    The dual compount they speak of, sounds like the corner knobs will grip well in turns, and though tacky compounds wear down fast (all super tacky compound tyres wear faster, they're for racing use) it's only on the corner tread so should mean the tyre keeps it's profile well (you mostly ride on the centre so usually a worn tyre is flattened/loses it's profile.
    It's low weight won't be an advantage over other tyres if you motorise.
    Look for Maxxis hookworm they say 2.5 inch but 2.3 knobbies of some brands can be larger than 2.5 slicks of other brands. Best to see them for real in a shop if you can. :)
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    I just found those in UK too, looks like there's quite a few sizes available :) Have decided they're worth a try (even though they're folding type bead) when i get my build together as the hookworms may be just too big for roadgoing mtb frames.
    Shwalbe Big Apple comes in 26 x 2.0, 26 x 2.15, 26 x 2.35, 28 x 2.0 or 28 x 2.35 Inches , for max weight 310lbs, and max rated p.s.i. is 55 :)
    They're the same price in £ (£49) as in $ lol, like everything in this country *rant, rant* lol. Found em for £25 though so it's okay. Only ever paid £47.50 ($77) for a single tyre once in my life but I was crazyy in those days :ack2:
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    Thanks for the reply's guys :) .

    Those 'Schwalbe's classic Big Apple' tires do look very nice, however they sadly dont come in the size im looking for :( :

    26 x 2.30

    56 - 559

    Do you guys/gals have any tire recommendations that will fit my rim's ??

    Thnxs in advance for any help. :D

    Gunner145 Edit:

    I guess most of these would fit my rims, i dunno which are best though, please keep in mind that the tires are for regular every day commuting to and from work so i need something thats both reliable and puncture resistant if thats possible.

    I would need to make a choice from one of the sellers that would ship to Europe/Worldwide, which of these (if any) should i go for ???

    Thnxs for taking the time to look. :)
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    First i would like to say thnxs once again for your reply, could you please further explain/link to the 'DMR' that you are talking about as im sure i have overlooked them somewhere, if they really are a better option then i could maybe cancel my previous order and exchange for the 'DMR's' . Could you please provide a link to the exact tire/tyre that you have in mind.

    Thnxs once again for any help/advice. :D
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    So far so good with them, although im not having half as much fun as you tho by the sound of My bike is basically a work horse, it takes care of my daily commute too and from work, the tires grip well in both wet and dry conditions and seem to serve the purpose i need them for perfectly. :D I hope that maybe one day i will have a lil bit of free time and get to rip up a 'cow trail' or two myself. ;)