26"x1.75" Disc Wheel

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    I'm looking for a complete wheel (rim, spokes, and disc hub) for my bike. I have an avid bb5 brake, tabs on my fork, but no wheel. I bought a disc hub, laced it in once (spokes too long) used a spoke calculator and bought what I thought were the right size spokes, but they're still almost 2mm too long. I'm putting too much money into this wheel already and the local bike shop wants to charge $80 to rebuild my wheel. I'm willing to trade parts, barter, and sell old parts to get a finished wheel so I can ride. Any help/ insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    When I went disc wheel shopping I just called literally every bike shop in the Treasure Valley (6 or so nearby cities) and found a wheel for 50 bucks.

    I'd say just be resilient on the phone and call until you find a good deal.
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    Thanks. I'll do that and also I don't think it would hurt to inquire about each shop's wheel building fees as well. It's funny how it's almost cheaper to buy a new wheel rather than have one rebuilt.
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    That's the way it is - 30-40 bucks to lace, 1-2 bucks per spoke, cost of the hub, cost of the rim, and even possibly a cassette.

    Just depends on how long it's been on their shelves, and what hardware it's built with. Granted I did find one for 50, but it's only a single wall rim. I have a rockin double wall I would prefer, but that what it costs sometimes to save money.
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    I threw in the towel and gave my wheel to a small bike shop I found. The man working there (presumably the owner) looked to be about 70, so hopefully he only charges me what he charged in 1971 haha. He said he's been rebuilding wheels for 40 years, so I trust his work. Also, on a really cool sidenote, when I walked into the shop, it was filled with old vintage and absolutely beautiful Schwinns. I guess he's been a Schwinn dealer since the late 60's. There are also bins of old handlebars, seats, and various parts that I would have loved to have sorted through, given some time but I was on my lunch break and he closes at 5pm. I might have to make it a weekend getaway.

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    This May Be Of Some Interest, But Late. I Have Very Good Luck Asking Seller`s For Their Best Deal, I List The Things I Am Interested In And Get A Fast Reply. This Seller Of Whizzer Did Have Make Offer On A Lot Of Their Parts. They Have A Site With Lots Of Picture And Info On Their Complete Whizzer Style Motor Bikes. Frames Etc.

    I Recently Bought A Used 2008 Ne5 Whizzer. The Spokes Are Hd.


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    I never thought to look up Whizzer parts. That front wheel looks awesome. The only thing is the shipping is a little high (at least for what I'd like to pay). Thanks for the insight. I'll check out Whizzer sites for parts and ideas now too. Now if only I could find a decently priced tank that doesn't look like the stock ones. Even when painted, they like a big blister on the smooth flow of the frame...

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    Whizzer Usa Is In Texas And Quenton Is In Nc. The Whizzer Parts I Posted Are Not Connected To Whizzer Usa.

    They Make Replacement Parts That Fit Whizzer. I Don`t Know If They Sell To Whizzer Usa. Quenton Gunther Would Know. He Is The Whizzer Go To Guy On The Forum And Makes The Ezm Belt Drive Tranny That Members Are Using In Many Builds.

    Good Luck, Ron
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    Oh I see. Thanks.
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    The guy on eBay used to be the primary manufacturer for Whizzer USA but Joe over in China started making unauthorized changes to Whizzers so the two companys went there separate ways. Now he is selling much of the Whizzer parts line on eBay. Many things are okay but be very careful as many are just junk... It's true he is not Whizzer USA but he fails to tell everyone that he once was the only manufacturer for them.

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    Thanks Rd For The Info.

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    Well, I picked up my wheel today from the bike shop and was very pleased and surprised at the price. I was completely prepared to pay $80 for the wheel rebuild. Apparently, I didn't do a bad job at relacing my wheel. He only charged me $10!!! So my total cost for a front disc wheel was around $40. $19.99 for the hub from choppersus.com, $10 (-ish) for 36 spokes & nipples (giggity) on Ebay, and $10 for the bike shop to fix my attempt at a wheel rebuild. I guess it pays to DIY. I will be riding again in no time (with money to spare!)
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    He did charge you the 1971 price. Most shops wouldn't even look at it for $10.
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    When I took it in, he noticed that I had two spokes backwards and that's why the wheel was loose. I'm assuming he just switched them and charged me $10 to tighten and true the wheel. Is that an average price for that? Either way, I'm going back to him for everything.