Sprockets 27 tooth sprocket


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6:49 PM
Jul 7, 2008
just got my 27 tooth sprocket and installed it. seems like the bike runs a lot smoother with the small sprocket. I only weigh in around 150, so i can torque it on hills but i don't feel like a sitting duck on the road now. you absolutely can't go slow with a sprocket this small, my ride to work is 7 miles only a couple of stops and a paved shoulder to get on to escape cars, so i think it'll work out pretty good. i've gone thru a 44T, then a 36 and now the 27.
Thanks for posting your findings. I am definitely going to upgrade my sprocket once I'm done with the break in period, and was interested in finding out what the smallest ones are like. Sounds pretty sweet. I would like to be able to go a bit faster since most of the riding I am planning on doing is on 30-40 mph roads where everyone goes faster than the speed limit.