29' er genesis astra first build

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  1. Johnny Gadget

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    got a whole lot going on with this first build ! SBP jackshaft shift kit, ammo can saddle bags to house left and right 12v 15amp batteries for a 24v 30 amp system to power up a HHO fuel cell, twin 2" copper pipes stacked and bent to conform to top tube to be fuel tank and air tank for twin air cylinders to fan out the ammo cans for access, also air to power up an air horn, too much to list in this first thread ! first set of pics are just the tip of the iceberg ! glad to be here !

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    forget the fuel cell. without an electric charging system your batteries will drain down real fast.
    I experimented with those systems. They only aid to smooth out combustion when the mixture is lean which is normally made to happen only when cruising, not accelerating. I know how to do that but that's a whole other story. Don't ask me how until after you get a 30 amp electric system on your crankshaft which I know you won't do because a small engine can't tolerate that much drag.
  3. Johnny Gadget

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    I thought about that honestly, and my intent is to incorporate a 24 volt motor in the drive train that will be a rolling start assist, then when moving, switch the motor off and utilize the output of the motor as a generator using the proper electronic circuits to charge the system, granted this is all in theory, and I may be slamming my head into a wall on this, but if everyone stopped what they were doing just because someone said it could not be done, we would still be using sticks and stones, i welcome all info and knowledge from everyone here, when i was just a stalker here, i could not believe how much I learned just trolling the posts !