2cd build and review on new Schwinn Skyliner


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Jul 25, 2008
St. Lous, MO
Back in August I purchased a Staton inside Gear drive with a 33cc Subaru/Robin engine. I thought I was being very clever by mounting it on my daughter's (now grown) 15 year old Schwinn Citi frame. As work progressed on the install, I realized I needed new tires, tubes, brake pads, and a new seat. All told, I had about $50 in an old bike. Not so smart when a comparable new bike at WM is about $150. However, this is a good story with a happy ending . That was my only mistake. After install, I felt the frame was kind of wobbly. With all the weight of the engine and driver concentrated more or less toward the back, the front seemed a bit shaky. As you can see on the pictures, the frame is a light tube style. After some research on this board, I started looking at the new Schwinn Skyliner sold at Walmart. I like a womans frame because its easier to get my leg over the center bar. The new Schwinn Skyliner is a heavy duty frame and the install went very easy. I learned a lot from the first install and was prepared to make some improvements when I got the new bike. I am very happy and the Skyliner, it is...well... perfect. It's sturdy, the tires are fat 26" x1.95, and the spring front fork makes a big difference. I would recommend this bike to anyone mounting a rear mount rack. See pictures of the old and new bike.


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Nothing wrong with riding a woman's bicycle....

Nice build you have there, how fast have you taken it so far? Still breaking it in?