2nd build skyhawk-gt2a long shaft

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by king353, Oct 16, 2015.

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    That frame doesn't have disc brake bosses.
    In fact it is not even a real Skyhawk GT frame, it's a cheap knock that may not even have rear V-brake bosses.

    As for gears I really like a 3-speed internal hub.
    The Sturmey Archer S30 X-RD3 3-Speed Drum Brake Hub is a good one that solves your rear brake issue as well.

    I haven't seen a fake frame so I don't know wide it is at the top rear but a real GT2 can only take a 2.128" fat tire so rim for that size tire.

    Hope that helps, and your parts will be on their way Tuesday.
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    the question is begging to be asked: what is a trusted site to get a Skyhawk GT frame from?
  5. butre

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    jakebike is the only one I'm aware of. they've been sold out for a while and are on backorder until they get 300 orders. god knows how long that'll take.
  6. KCvale

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    Birddog (bicycle-engines.com) has a few hundred of the newest GT2's with the wider back end that take 3" tires and have an adjustable disc brake boss for it's open rear horizontal dropouts due there in ~30 days.

    I helped with the design changes for this new model to make it like a Fito with a usable gas tank in the frame.

    Can't wait to get a few of them from him, it's a year long dream machines parts all finally made and getting here.
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    KC, could you post the exact link i wasn't able to fine the frame son the site,if you please.