2nd Build Started; Jennifer

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  1. I started the design process for my second build. I have a couple motors laying around I need to put to use. This one will be using a 50cc 2 Stroke, since my first one isn't exactly legal (103cc over the limit) I figured I should make this one legal.

    Let me know what you think so far about the overall design, although it may change slightly. I have a bunch of Moped parts I've collected, and the overall idea is a Cafe Racer.

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    Looks interesting. Will it still have pedals?
  3. I wasn't planning on keeping pedals, I try to build mine closer to mopeds, why keep pedals when you have a motor! :D Haha, I don't plan to leave town with these things, so its no biggie if I break down.
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    Your frame lacks trianglation. Look at the top tubes- the load will try to bend then upward. You need to add gussetts and probably another tube across the top.

    What triaglation does is direct forces into compression and extension of the members rather than bending.
  5. I see what you mean, but don't look at the frame I have built, that was just after 30min of fabbing and welding. And I have some braces, you just can't see them because they will be hidden with panels. Here's a AutoCAD of the frame, does it still need more bracing?

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