2nd build (to replace stolen one)

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    Hello all,
    I just got my 2nd bike up and running. It's a Grubee 66cc on a point beach frame. Went together well and runs great. I have several changes planned including a shift kit but want to get the break in done and everything working solid first. I commute 45 miles each way to work (only once a week) so reliability is a major issue.

    My first bike was a GT mountain frame with a Robin roller drive. Loved that bike! One day while I was at work someone stole a 4 foot section of fence at the plant and my bike happened to be attached to it. Decided to go with the cruiser and in frame 2 stroke this time around.

    So far I'm pleased with the result. It doesn't like being held wide open throttle for long periods like the little Robin did but does have much more power. Yesterday I did Box canyon and Santa Susana pass. My old bike would have fainted at the thought of those hills.

    Anyway here she is as first fired. I've removed the fenders and rack until I can get them beefed up to handle the vibrations.


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    Hi Greg, WELCOME!
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    Welcome aboard.

    Sorry to hear about your first bike. It happens. All you can do is hope that someone on a cell phone pulls right in front of the jerk who stole it and makes him eat the gooseneck.
    We've got our fingers crossed.

    Your new bike looks sweet.