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  1. Gad Zooks

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    OK, I did a Grubee 66cc on a Huffy with a 44T sprocket when I was in FL as my 1st build. I ran the bajezzers out of the bike and never had any problems. After a move to CO, I wanted to do a HD style using a Worksman frame - but went "on the cheap" with a cruiser frame going for the Whizzer look.

    I started the rebuild with a Murray frame and the same Grubee. Check out the progress. Still waiting on a parts order from Pirate (56T sprocket, Manic adapter and a few other goodies) and for the wheels a local shop is lacing up (S-A dyno front brake hub and Shimano coaster rear).

    Should be ready just in time for the first snow of summer! Ah, Colorado!

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  2. rustycase

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    Will be a nice looking bike if you run a fat fender to match that great hairspring seat!
    What is your source for the seat?
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    tell me about that fork, please :)
  4. Gad Zooks

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  5. RedBaronX

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    well, darn. that won't fit a Worksman.

    And yeah, I also hear terrible things about the Monark. I saw a photo of someone's fork on a different bike forum where it looked like they took just a standard but robust fork and added the front part of a Monark fork to it... though it might have just been the Abraham Linkage from Felt.

    But you know... I wonder if that fork WOULD fit... I merely measured the tube for the Worksman fork, not the actual head tube... imma gunna have to take my fork apart and have a closer look-see... the Abraham Linkage looks bullet-proof...
  6. Gad Zooks

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    Yeah, it's all about the head tube ID. I mic'd mine (Murray frame) and had room for the threadless set up... You're mod sounds like it would work too.

    So, she's off the work stand, and rolling. Really quite a comfortable configuration - and will be a hoot to ride - if I can get thorugh to Pirate. Sending them a picture and a plea for parts! The blue tape is just temporary cable holding while I get everything together...

    Ride it like you stole it!

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  7. Gad Zooks

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    Justin at Pirate called today and confirmed my order!!! Should have the missing pieces parts by the end of the week and get the Bomber back on the road! It took some perseverance but Pirate came through - Keep the faith! I'll post more pics after getting the parts and spending some quality time with a wrench!

    BTW, the S-A hub seemed to brake better in reverse, so I flipped the wheel - placing the hub brake arm on the right (chain side). I know this won't effect the dynamo, anybody have intell on if this rotation will effect (e.g. harm) the brake mechanism?