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    I am trying to shed some light on an age old debate on the logistics of EPA approved engines, namely 2 stroke engines.
    We all know that most any 4 stroke engine is EPA approved, but most 2 stroke engines are not. This has given way to a surge of illegal importation primarily throughout the west coast. These rogue 2 stroke kits are in the US illegally. They have the potential of being confiscated if the EPA/customs catches the importer and gets hold of sales records in order to recover the illegal goods. These illegal kits are usually sold at a cheaper price because the factory does not have to pay for the EPA application/inspection and the more expensive catalytic muffler that is required.

    There are basically 3 requirements that need to be met in order to import EPA approved (legal) 2 stroke engines:

    1) The factory must have and EPA Certificate of Conformity and have an emission control label (in English) displayed on the engine along with a unique serial number.
    2) The engines must include the EPA approved catalytic muffler.
    3) The engine kit must be sold for off highway use.

    Once these 3 conditions are met any US importer can import from the factory as long as the factory does not have exclusive arrangements with a local Chinese export agency. We do have an exclusive arrangement for the kits we import from our 2 EPA approved factories. Under contract they cannot sell the same version of engine kit that we are already purchasing from them. This means that nobody else in the US has the same kits that we have--not legally anyway. The only exception is that companies in other countries may import the same kit. Then nothing is stopping them from shipping to the US as single order shipments which are not generally subject to EPA approval.

    In order to prove that our kits (both 4 and 2 stroke) really are EPA approved I provide you with the following 4 documents in JPEG format. . The first one is the 2 stroke Certificate Of Conformity. The second one is the 4 stroke Certificate Of Conformity. The last 2 are the EPA declaration forms required by customs before they will clear the goods and release them to the purchaser.

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    good thread!
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    hey wavy... I agree! this is what I've been waiting to see. Facts!

    wavy,,,,, looks like somebody is gonna need your paypal info, or a cc#.
    :p:p:lol: hahaha!
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    this is so cool! good on ya biketec & bike-engines.com! sombody has finally stepped up to the plate! whos next? im now trying to get togather bikes for those dozen engines!!
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    I appreciate the information. Thanks much!
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    I am very aware that this subject is old, but as a vendor I felt the need to do as the public wants and thats the laws and whats involved with the kits. I'm just trying to help make it public knowledge, so the next time it brought up they will be informed, and let it be known there are laws and compliant vendors.
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    Good on you biketec!

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    :cool:Cheers Biketec....POPS
  10. Rural roads

    This is the right understanding.
  11. Well then again

    One problem biketek this appears to be a 4 stroke Comformity Certification...! Not 2 stroke. I tried to save it to make sure and its even labeled 4 Cycle..PFFF Better post the 2 stroke or this' comming down.
  12. Informative, would I be pulled over for this? I am going China girl and sticking my Briggs on a device I will call the wooden low launcher...

    2x4s and high speed to fly down parking lots.
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    Thank you dead thread Ted for reviving this one..

    No, you will not get pulled over for a non-epa compliant engine, there is no evidence that your engine isn't compliant just by looking at it, often just a bad sensor that flips the check engine light is enough to make an EPA compliant engine in your modern car into a non-compliant one, no way any single officer could claim that it actually wasn't in any reliable way.

    Now, getting pulled over just for using a china girl is a different story, usually including a plot involving lack of insurance, inspection, and registration...

  14. OK well do you have any aftermarket exhaust recommendations looking for something beefy but not loud like the chopper straight pipe bikes.

    Like a nice deep tone that sounds low at idle but louder along the mid range of speed.
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    No I don't, and they all sound louder at mid rpms compared to idle. The more the muffler is muffled the more pronounced the deeper tones get as those are the ones that penetrate through the metal easiest.

    China girl always squeaky, you need bigger motor for bigger bass.

  16. True I just like to make a statement if it's Chinese it will be a hotrod chinaman which is why I chose "next" to get the job done...

    When I was a kid that bike took a crash and beating like a champ with no break down or failure.
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    Some bikes are just built better, this will happen time to time in the low grade bikes of wally world when they either copy a good design or stumble on one by mistake. Use it and abuse it, you have like 100 bucks in the bike nothing to cry about killing for some short term fun.

    Ps: no happy edning.